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Rude intern

So yesterday I had my appt at the diabetes clinic. Well before I saw my doc an intern took me in to check on me. Everything is great with my sugars so there was not much to talk about there. We were waiting for my doc to come in so he starts going through my chart. He asks me how many times I have been PG - I say 8. He goes 8 - wow and looks at me like I am crazy. I am thinking it is none of your business but I do tell him I have had 6 m/c but wanted to tell him that if I had 8 kids it is still none of your business so quit judging. THen he says, so what was the reason for all the abortions!!!!! I could not believe how he worded it. I said you mean m/c. He said that technically it is called a spontaneous abortion. I said yes, but if you have been through them I would use the term m/c...I could not believe him. THen I tell him that my c-section is on Oct 26th. He said oh, you are having an elective c-section early. And he looked at me like I was doing something wrong. I said - it is not like I am choosing to have major surgery it is what my doc decided...and I agree due to my history and problems. He said, well explain to me why. What the heck...who is he that I have to explain my issues to. He made me feel horrible for it. Even after I explained I still think he thought it was wrong. I am sorry...are you a high risk well then shut your mouth. I wish I would have said more at the time but I was too in shock at what a jerk he was. Then my doc came in and I just wanted to get out of there. I was pretty mad when I left there. Thankfully I will never see him again! Seriously, I have been so lucky to have such great docs but some of these interns really need to learn some bedside manners!

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holy freaking crud. Please complain about him! I'm not one to stir the pot often, but it sounds like mentioning him would be a SERVICE to your fellow pregnant Mamas! He needs some feedback on that bedside manner.

I'm so sorry that happened to you!

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omg! how rude! (in michelle from full house voice)

i would have been upset if someone acted liked that to me, and really "spontaneous abortion" you would think he would word it differently to the patient especially after how many mcs you had! gosh that makes me so mad

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OMG!!! What a clueless jerk!! It is beyond unprofessional of him! To call miscarriages "technically" abortions and ask for a REASON??!! Well, most m/c's are a mystery- he should know that!!!! I am so angry for you.
Also to judge you on your c-section- that's beyond uncalled for. He needs reprimanding. Can you complain about him?

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Melanie - not sure if you know but you can refuse to see interns or residents. With your situation with your little one I would insist you see your own doctor and no one else.

And personally, I would have smacked him for saying abortions!

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Sorry you had to deal with him. What a a$$. REALLY!!!!??? With my pregnancy hormones and stess level lately, I probably would have punched him!!!!!!!

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holy crap! I'd write an official letter to the doctor/medical facility! He should be dealt with! I'm pretty open to residents/interns etc believing everyone needs to learn etc and I can tolerate general questions being repeated but what he did and said is way out of line! Part of his learning process should include a reprimand for the way he treated you!! Totally out of line, totally careless and thoughtless. I'm so sorry!

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OMG! That is an absolutely disgusting way to interview a patient especially a pregnant one! I sincerely feel you should complain to your doctor and ask who it should be reported to. They are probably totally unaware of what a moron this intern is since every patient will be in shock at being treated this way probably nobody ever says anything at the time. I don't think a female intern could ever be so ignorant, kwim? What business does he have talking to anyone about health in general let alone pregnancy? Perhaps he needs his medical career nipped in the bud before he gets too tenured. Sounds like he has no business treating any human or animal - what a scumbag.

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What?? Ridiculous!! I hope you informed someone higher up there about what went on.

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WOW!! I can't believe that! what a D$CK!

There was an intern at the birth of my DS and she had the worst bed side manner too! Totally treated me like I was there for an elective procedure or something. I wonder if they need a few tongue lashings to reduce the size of their egos!

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I can't believe you kept your cool like you did. How dare he even say the word abortion to someone who's gone through that many losses due to m/c. What a complete freaking moron. Not only would I have gone off on him, I would have told your doc immediately what he had said to you and how you were highly offended. You have to remember, technically that doctor works for you, you hired him essentially, to do a job for you, which is help you and your baby through your pregnancy. I know we're supposed to hold them to a high esteem, and to an extent we can, but never forget that you chose them and can drop them just as easily. I would at least call back and make a complaint against that intern.