Saw my baby today

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Saw my baby today

Hello ladies, I seen my baby and the heart beat today at 8 weeks 1 day and the heart rate was 169. What an amazing sight, I just cried on the table and DH wiped my tears:) So excited our next appointment, this has truly been a long journey.

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Awesome, congratulations!

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Thats amazing!


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Thanks ladies:)

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Amazing, congratulations Smile

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Wonderful news!!! Congrats!!!

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Awww, congrats!

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That's great! I probably won't get one for a few more weeks so I'm a little envious of those that have seen their beans.

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That is such great news...congrats!!! It gets pretty emotional when you see baby. I still think it is such a miracle.

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It really is a miracle. I have been released to my OB and have three appointments, one Monday with nurse for blood work, the next is with my OB and then my 12 week appointment.