Saw my baby today!!!

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Saw my baby today!!!

Hello everyone!! I am back from a great reunion weekend and had a couple of appt today. We went to see the internal med specialist first...they are thrilled with how good I am doing. BP was great in the office...just as good as I get at home. I think I see so many docs now I don`t have white coat syndrome Smile I see them again in two weeks. Then we had a ultrasound and talked to the peri. Ultrasound went great. Baby is 3lbs 7 oz!!!! Everything is measuring past 31 weeks. She was wiggling around like crazy, head down feet up in my ribs...confirmed it was a girl again. Blood flow was great and she was practising was great to see. The cutest thing was when she was sitting there wiggling her toes - to cute. Since we had just gotten back from our trip DH had the day off and came with me. So it was good for him to see me fight to find a parking stall, walk a mile once we found one way off. Do the appt for internal med where I gave all my charts for BP etc. Then wait over an hour...while I had to pee so bad then have an ultrasound then talk to the peri. All was great but I think he respects more of how I deal with all the appts. On Friday before I left I saw my OB. She too was thrilled with everything..I was measuring just over 31 weeks...which fits with my ultrasound. Was up 2lbs and BP was great in her office too. She too had no complaints. I know I am not at term yet but we are all breathing a sigh of relief that I am three weeks past where I delivered my DS. I am heading to bed now but will make sure I catch up on all of you tomorrow when I have time and energy!

Oh....funny thing. Last night my neices were drawing all over my belly with washable markers. But I went to bed and forgot to wash my would not come off in the shower today. So off I go to the ultrasound with pics all over my was pretty cute

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So glad your appts went well! How funny to have your ultrasound with a "decorated" belly..LOL!

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Melanie, what a GREAT ultrasound! I can't believe how big she is getting!

(and I'm also glad DH experienced it, too!)

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Yahoo! Things are going so well for you!!!

Just watch, after fighting to keep your DS in long enough, this time you'll be begging your little girl to get out by the end!

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So glad you had some great appointments! And I am glad that your DH sees what you go through Smile

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That's great u had such fantastic appointments and DH was able to come too. Mel it's hilarious about your nieces and the markers, very adorable & that story definitely needs to go in your baby storybook Smile

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Congrats on wonderful appts! The marker thing sounds too cute!