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omg. i have pain in my left butt and it seems to be going into my leg. this is sciatica, right? i never had this with my son.

anyone experiencing this? or had it in previous pregnancies? any tips for easing the pain?

i'm hoping this is just temporary because 1) it really hurts! and 2) we're going to disney in less than 3 weeks and i don't want to be a hobbling mess!

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YES. I had sciatica SO bad from about weeks 22-26 of pregnancy that I would wake during the night up crying. It was horrific.

I have friends who found pretty immediate relief from getting a pelvic adjustment at a chiropractor. I've also heard about people having success with acupuncture - I didn't personally find relief from acupuncture.

I think that being really careful about diet/hydration solved my sciatica. Or maybe I started eating better at the same time he moved into a better position. Self-experimentation is the best science, right?

I wish you the best of luck - I understand how crummy it is!

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I have it really bad too! I am doing by weekly massages and I wear a pregnancy support belt(you can get one online about 40 dollars) it's kinda like a back support brace but it holds your belly up so LO cant put pressure on the nerve. also lying on the opp side of the pain helps sometimes. Heat or ice if it helps that what my doc said good luck feel better Smile

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For pre-preg sciatica I used to stretch it out. Sit with straight back, put ankle on knee and rock slightly forward to stretch. Hope it eases up for you

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Mine has been HORRIBLE. Some days I am not even able to move on my own because the pain is so bad.I do have an appt. with the chiro today though hoping that an adjustment will help a little.

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Yes, it's what you think it is! I only had it with my first baby, and now it's come back to haunt me again! The annoying thing is that I've had it pretty much the ENTIRE PREGNANCY, and it gets worse the farther along I get! Sleeping has become a huge issue, as when I get up out of bed it hurts and my back is so stiff! It goes away right after the birth though, thank God! I've heard that getting one of those belly bands works well, especially in the last trimester, but I've never bought one as I'm uncomfortable enough and I've heard that they're not very comfy!!

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I get it too and its very uncomfortable. I get on all fours (on my bed, not literally in the floor..I'd never get up!) and it helps him to move off that nerve and gives me some relief. I hope this subsides for you soon!