Season Changes

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Season Changes

It's feeling like fall here and starting to look like it too! Our sunny days went to rainy, gray, and we have to wear light coats. The leaves have started to show off their new colors and I just picked up the last halloween custom needed for the kids. Dh's already picked up a big pumpkin and candy corn is popular in our candy dishes right now. It's amazing how fast it has all come!c Oh yeah..we are even sportting a yucky bug between my daughter and I right now! LOL. Where would fall be without fighting something, with chicken noodle soup, boxes of tissues, and cough drops? LOL. Anyway it is surprising so see how fast it all changes..

So I'm trying to get things ready in the midst of these changes and I can't say it's going as well as I'd like. I did get the baby clothes washed, but they are still in the dryer! Dh tried to figure out the car seat..but it didn't go too well. I still have to pick up the crib, paint the nursery, decorate it, etc. Hmm..On the flip side, I have everything ready that we REALLY need when he's born. The bassinet is ready to go etc, diapers, breast pump, post partum stuff etc. I did also pick up some post partum clothing that will help me make the transition with nursing and the deflated belly I'll be sporting soon.

On one hand, it feels around the corner with too much to do in the meantime. On the other hand, so days my hips are so sore and I get so many braxton hicks, I wonder how it can last another 50 something days. Oh the joys of the third trimester.

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You would think we would be having fall temperatures in Alberta but it has been hot!! To hot!! Luckily it seems to be cooling down now - I am not asking for winter but just need a break from the heat. Sounds like you are getting most things ready...good job. We too have most of the stuff...just need to finish the last couple of things.

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Melody, I hear you about the Halloween stuff Biggrin Every time I see black and orange I'm reminded that just maybe I WON'T be pregnant forever!

I'm glad you brought up the postpartum clothes...would you recommend getting some black yoga pants and nursing tanks?

Today is fairly pleasant weather-wise, but it looks like it temperatures are going to sky rocket later this week AGAIN. UGH WHY?

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Its been very confusing here lately. Yesterday and today felt like July, but this coming weekend it will be in the 50's. Perfect weather for colds. I hope I don't get one!!

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Weather is so crazy Smile We've had more rain here again today.

In regards to postpartum clothing, I bought shirts with more of a empire like waist (is that right?) you know, hides the deflated belly but also has a nursing with easy type cut in the chest section. I'll be in these tops for awhile (six months really before my abs are rediscovered and flat again) and I'll start off wearing my pregnancy jeans, then step back into my old jeans with a belly band, then eventually they will start to zip again, then at some point start to button, and eventually will fit just right, including my butt and thighs. LOL. It takes awhile though and due to the "mushroom" top belly I'll be sporting while that happens, I'm hoping to hide it with the right shirt. I wish I could start exercising now..I hate going through this.

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I can't believe how fast this year has gone by either! I wish we had your weather though, as it's still in the high 90s here in Vegas! I hate it so much... it's almost freaking October and it still feels like June! That's the way it always is, though. We're lucky to be able to bust out our coats on Halloween! Luckily DD already has her costume which we bought at Disneyland earlier this year, she'll be Snow White. I hav to buy the boys' still, but hopefully they'll pick something cheap lol! As for the nursery, it's all done except for the dresser is still downstairs because I can't help DH carry it up, so he needs to find someone to help him get it up there! Other than that, all of Trystan's clothes are washed and folded in my room (they're so cute, I keep holding them up to my tummy, as it seems he'd fit them right now lol)... but the rest of my house is a mess! I'm too tired to clean it!

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I too am loving the weather change Smile we have had some rain and it has cooled off Smile I was at target the other day and just started crying, I cant believe that I will have my LO for the holidays its crazy it feels like yesterday that I walked out of the bathroom crying looking at the 2 blue lines Smile and DH holding me tight saying that I ate a watermelon lol

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I'm glad fall is here Biggrin We had a sweltering summer, then a nice week of fall weather, but last weekend was sweltering again! My house heated up like a sauna again. Thankfully it's cooled off by a couple degrees now and is nice autumn weather. My kids are excited that the leaves are changing colours and falling!

I hate the awkward postpartum clothing stage! I usually wear my maternity bottoms for a good 2 months after. The full panel helps hold in the flab until it shrinks a bit. I also like to wear empire waisted shirts, or shirts that are a little more "flowy" looking. Nothing skin tight on the big jelly belly! I'm sure my black yoga pants will be a popular item too! I really should get a good belly band to start wearing with my regular jeans too. I have one that is poor quality and won't do much to help me out with holding in the belly.