Serious Illnesses while pregnant

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Serious Illnesses while pregnant

I have been lucky that I have never (knock on wood) had serious illnesses while pregnant. But it seems everytime I get pregnant there is some major illness going on. I forget what it was with #1, but I do remember (I mean can't forget) the "massacre". I knew a few people who were killed, that was pretty tragic.

Last time the swine flu, H1N1, whatever the name is, was really big. My husband urged me to stop attending playgroups and I pretty much had no life at the end of my pregnancy.

This time, the EHEC/ a strain of e.coli that is pretty bad is going around. We haven't bought fresh fruits or vegetables or meats for fear of catching it in a week now. We have only been eating frozen or canned stuff. It is getting old. My husband doesn't want me to go to the grocery store for fear I will touch something or the kids touch something.

Has anyone else felt like there are major things going on during their pregnancies?

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meh, i feel like there is always something going on. maybe we just notice it more when we're pregnant? try not to worry too much about it. you'll just drive yourself insane!

my problem is that i always seem to get sick while pg. while pregnant with my son i had strep really bad and had a 105 fever! :eek: it was awful. but thankfully it didn't last much more than a week.

this time i got c.diff and had that for like 5 weeks. superfun!

pregnancies and babies cause so much worry, don't they??

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I try not to stress things that I cant control.I do my best to take precautions but outside of that I dont worry.

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I don't worry so much about getting sick; I get more worried about falling when I am pg. When I was 7 or 8 month pg with my first I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle really bad. When you are pg you heal slower so I was still in an ankle brace when I was giving birth! That really sucked, so after that I try to be really really careful when I am pg.

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I'm not too much of a worrier, but I conceived almost exactly a month before the tragic earthquake in Japan. Though Oregon department of public health released an official statement saying there was no cause for concern, low levels of radioactive isotopes were definitely found along the coast and in some milk here in OR. Hopefully not in my LO!

Inversely, I'd absolutely NOT recommend the book "The Complete Organic Pregnancy" to anyone. Completely fear-based and I'm really not into feeling guilty for sometimes eating a non-organic vegetable or breathing air.

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Hmm, I guess there's something always going on..but nothing I give much thought to.

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We were TTC and I thought I was pregnant fall 2009 when they were giving the H1N1 shots, so I opted for the H1N1 but not for the flu shot at the same time. I figured if everyone agreed it was safe, I was going to protect myself from the big one - but not try to give my body a bit of all at once to try and fight off, kwim? I know, silly. I normally don't get worked up over things - good heavens it's hard enough to remember to take my prenatal vitamin, I don't need any more pressure, lol.

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The only weird/funny thing that I notice differently is how many pregnant women there are now! I swear everywhere I go there's tons of pregos like me! I never noticed them before but now, it's an epidemic lol!