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Your previous birth stories! I love to read birth stories. I think I spend all my 'free' time going through all the boards here and reading their birth stories!

If you're already a mama, share your previous birth stories here! I want to read them Smile

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OK, this is going to be long lol!

Baby #1 (Reagan): I was 39 weeks, 1 day along, when one eveing I couldn't get my kick counts (basically I have to lay down and count 10 movements within one hour... if I don't get them I get up, walk around, and try again for another hour), so in the two hours that I tried I think he moved five times. So off we went to L&D, as per the OB's instructions, to get checked out. They put me in triage to monitor me, I was dialated 2 CM, but I had been for a week. They had me walk up and down the halls for an hour to see if I was really in labor, as I wasn't having any pains and baby wasn't showing any signs of distress, even with the lack of movement. Well sure enough, about 20 minutes into walking, my back starts KILLING me! Of course, I was getting all of the contractions in my back. After the hour had passed (I swear walking had never been so hard in my life lol!) the nurse checked me again and I was dialated 3 CM, so they went ahead and admitted me. This was at around 10PM. Long story short, I had intense and horrifying back labor all night (I had him naturally), they manually broke my water around 6AM, and after about an hour of pushing (not to mention an episiotomy and two internal tears) my beautiful son was born at 8:48 AM October 2, 2002! He was 7 lbs, 8 oz, 20 in. long. Healing time was pretty bad... about 2-3 weeks, as it hurt to even sit down, let alone go potty!!

Baby #2 (Maximus): I had a doctor appt at 39 weeks, 2 days. Upon my cervical check, the OB found that I was dialated 5 CM! I hadn't had any contractions whatsoever! Needless to say, he wanted me to go straight over to L&D, as chancing sending me hope might result in a home/car birth if my water were to break and I couldn't get over to the hospital in time! Well, L&D was totally full, so he told me to go straight over in the AM to be induced. Thankfully nothing happened that evening, and I arrived the next morning to be induced at 7AM. They hooked me up to the fluids/pit/whatnot (lol) but nothing really happened until they broke my water around 11AM. That's when contractions hit big time! I knew right from the start that I wanted an epi because my last L&D had been so excrutiating, but I waited until around 2PM to get it. Once the epi was in place, it was smooth sailing from there! I was fully dialated at 4PM, but I had to stop myself from pushing because the stupid doctor (not mine of course, he was on call because my OB was out of town... and this was a man... AAARRGGGHH!!) left the hospital, so I had to wait for him to come back! He casually stolls in around 4:30, and at 4:39PM on March 10, 2005, my second beautiful son was born! He was 8 lbs, 7 oz, 19 in. long.

Baby #3 (Liberty): My princess definitely caused me the most pain in those last few weeks of pregnancy. By the time my 38 week appt came around, I was pretty much in tears just walking from the parking lot into the office, there was such intense pressure. I begged her to induce me, and she agreed to do so. So at 39 weeks exactly, I checked into L&D, around 7AM. No action at all during the morning, even with the pit (and I was dialated 2 CM upon arrival), so my water was manually broken around noon. That's when the action started for sure! I knew that I would want the epi again, as the birth of my second son had been so enjoyable because I wasn't so focused on the pain. I held out as long as I could again with this baby, and finally got the epi around 1PM. I dialated quickly and by 3:30PM I was ready to push. I had to stall so that the OB could get prepped, and in two pushes my gorgeous baby girl was born at 3:38PM, weighing 7 lbs, 3 oz and 18 in. long.

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I was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant on December 9th and noticed while watching TV that night I was getting pains. They were fairly regular but not horrible. So at 11 we went to bed like normal. I couldn't get comfortable and around 1 am I was pretty sure I was in labor but wanted to check. So we went to the hospital and the nurses checked I was 1-2cm and contracting and it was early labor. I told them point blank I wanted to leave and labor comfortably at home. They said the doctor didn't always like that blah blah and I told them I wanted to go home PERIOD. So they got the OK and home I went. I was up all night, walking the house, sitting on the toilet, laying down when I could. DH slept LOL Which was fine b/c he would have annoyed me. In the morning I called my doc's office at 8am and asked if I should go there or L&D for a check. They told me L&D! So we showed up and the nurses kind of casually got me to the room then they checked me and I was 8cm. And everyone ran around like crazy changing to room from normal to delivery ready. The doc came and my bag was bulging he asked if he could break my water I said OK. They hooked me up to an IV b/c I was strep +. Well time passed and passed and I just wasn't progressing any further. I think it had something to do with not being able to move around as easily. The doc also said Evan's head was so large he didn't come down super easily. So they started some pitocin. I got worried I had heard such horror stories of contractions on pit. SO I debated an epi the guy came in and tried once and when he couldn't get it right in I said screw it I'd be fine. He left and the nurse also had me try a few different positions b/c she thought I should be feeling more pressure and maybe the baby needed to come down a bit more or something. Around 1 I was told to start pushing. I pushed about 45 minutes and I was SOOOOOOOOO tired I would literally fall asleep between pushing and contractions. But around 1:45 Evan came in to the world at 9 lbs 5oz 21.5" I had 2 small first degree tears. We did skin to skin right away and nursed a bit. Then they took him for his bath and I asked the nurse if I could take a shower. She looked at me like I was a nut but let me. I took a shower, got back in bed and got Evan and we all hung out. DH got me Wendy's for dinner, my family stopped in that night and my recovery was pretty easy. If I could clone the L&D for this time I would be all for it! I'd just like him 3 days early vs late LOL I want him here for Thanksgiving Smile

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You thought YOURS was long? I've only had 2 kids, and here is my novel Wink

Ella's Birth Story

Monday, July 16, 2007
39 weeks and 4 days pregnant

I spend the morning doing some organizing in the nursery, and installing the carseat in our new car. By lunchtime I am ready to relax. I decide to lie down in bed and put on a movie. I wish I could say I was watching something classic from my collection like “Breakfast at Tiffany's” or “Singing in the Rain” or one of my favourites lke “Lord of the Rings” or “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but I can't. I was watching “Save the Last Dance”, the kind of light fluffy movie you feel like watching to put you to sleep. At 1:30 pm, as I lie in bed, grooving to Julia Stiles getting jiggy to some hip hop, my water breaks. I felt some wetness, so I get up to go to the bathroom. By the time I get downstairs to the toilet, my pants are soaked down to my knees and I am dripping everywhere. Over the next 5 minutes I soak 3 pads as I hobble around the bathroom trying to decide what to do. I grab the phone to call Chris at work.

“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel, Claire speaking”
“Extention 235 please”
“One moment”
.........Ring........Ring..........Ring........... ..Ring............
“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel. You've reached the office of Chris Goetz. I'm not -

An answering machine? There was no way I was going to the hospital by myself! I called again.

“Thank you for calling the Quality Hotel, Claire speaking”
“Hi, this is Chris' wife, I just tried his office but there was no answer, but I think I'm in labour....”
“Oh! Ummm.....wait, he's just on his way out the door, hang on!”

And finally, I get Chris on the phone. I tell him my water broke and I need to go to the hospital. Problem being......I have the car. He rode his bike to work. So now I have to drive over to his work and pick him up on the way to the hospital. With my soaking wet pants. I go to change my pants and head out the rings. Chris is calling to say his boss will drive him to the house. Thank goodness his work is only a 3 minute drive from our house and the hospital is 2 blocks from his work.

Chris arrives home, grabs me a towel to sit on and my hospital bags (which I had finished packing the night before) and we speed off to the hospital. He drops me off at the doors to admissions and goes to park the car. Within the 10 steps that it takes me to get inside, I've soaked through my pad, underwear, and another pair of pants. There is a huge puddle underneath me on the floor. And now they want me to take a number, and wait until they call it? HA! Thankfully everyone in th lobby saw that I was a big fat pregnant woman leaking all over the tiles, so they let me up to the admissions desk right away. Some nice lady got me a wheelchair, so I could sit in my mess instead of stand in it. I get my bracelet and Chris arrives to push me up to labour and delivery.

At 2:00 pm I have my cervix checked. I am 2 cm dilated but not effaced at all. By 2:10 pm, I begin to experience some mild contractions. They are uncomfortable, but not very strong, and about 5 minutes apart. Over the next few hours I am attached to the fetal monitor. Baby is doing fine. By 5:00 pm, I am still only 2 cm dilated. They decide to send me home. The hospital has 17 inductions scheduled for the next 24 hours and they don't have room for me to labour when I am only 2 cm, and the contractions aren't painful. So home we go.

For the next several hours at home, I try my best to time my contractions. I sit on the couch (protected with layers of towels, since I am still leaking amniotic fluid) with a clock and a paper and pen. They range from 7 to 2 minutes apart and last anywhere from 30 to 75 seconds. Every few hours I post my progress on for all my July 2007 ladies to see! By 11:30 pm, the contractions are too strong to bear without some kind of pain relief. I decide it's time to go back to the hospital. Hopefully the last few hours of labour will have had some progress on my cervix.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
39 weeks and 5 days pregnant

We arrive at the hospital around midnight. Unfortunately, I am still only 2 cm dilated. I am so discouraged. I've been sitting at home in agonizing pain for 7 hours, and I haven't progressed at all? They attach the fetal monitors to see how baby does during my contractions. Baby is doing fine. Mom is not so fine....the contractions are 4 minutes apart and getting harder to breathe my way through them. Thankfully, I have a wonderful nurse helping me. She turns out to be the wife of my GP, Dr. Lok.

At 12:30 am, I get a shot of morphine. Your bottom has to be the worst place to get a shot. It hurts more than the contractions! By 1:00 am, the morphine still hasn't kicked in; it's not helping my pain at all. They tell me that unless I've progressed at all, they're going to send me home again. Thankfully, the nurse checks me at 1:30 and I'm now almost 3 cm dilated. She says they'll keep me there. I am SO glad I don't have to go labour at home again!

At 2:00 am, we decided to try out the tub. For an hour, I labour in the hot water, spraying the shower nozzle on my belly during contractions. I feel much more comfortable, though still in a lot of pain. We are trying to get to 4 cm so that I can get an epidural. At 3:00 am, I get out of the tub, and I am 4 cm dilated! Sweet relief is on the way! Chris falls asleep in the armchair in my hospital room as I get ready for the anesthetist. By 3:30 am, the anesthetist arrives and I receive the epidural. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as the morphine did! Now that I have some relief, I try to get some sleep. For the next few hours, I doze in and out of sleep, but, still attched to the fetal monitor, keep getting woken up by my blood pressure being taken every 10 minutes. Also, the epidural seems only to be working on my left side, and I have pain still on my right.

At 7:30 am, the nurse comes in to check my progress. I am now 7 cm dilated! Chris wakes up, and is excited to hear our progress. I let the nurse know about the epidural, and she can see that I am still in a fair amount of pain during contractions. They decide to back the epidural out of my spine a little (apparantly they may have gone in too far) and up the dose. I can tell the difference within 15 minutes; my right side is now going numb, and the pain is much less. Over the next hour or so, the whole bottom half of my body goes numb. I have no control over my legs, and cannot even wiggle my toes properly!

Our parents arrive around 9:00 am. They come into the room and stay with me for a while.

At 10:00 am, my cervix is checked again. The nurse reaches down to check my progress and a look of shock comes over her face. Apparantly, I am a full 10 cm, and the baby's head is “right there”! She jokes that they could literally just reach in with forceps and pull it out! We decide it is time to start pushing, even though I cannot feel anything at all. They turn down the drugs in my epidural, and at 10:15 am I start to push. At first I can't really tell what I'm's hard to distinguish which muscle I should be using! But after a while I can tell when I'm making progress. The nurses tell me they see dark hair on the head!

I am getting tired from all the pushing. I'm not sore 'down there' but my face hurts from holding my breath while pushing! Finally, the head comes out and the rest of the baby follows closely behind. Baby is born at 12:20 pm after 2 hours of pushing. It was an amazing sight to see the little body coming in to the world. I couldn't believe that I was responsible, that I had made something that small and real, something so human. The doctor says “It's a girl!” and I can hardly believe her. It takes a while for it to register what she has said...a girl? We had been almost sure it was a boy. But a girl was a lovely surprise!

They put baby on my chest and let me hold her while they clean me up a little. Then baby goes to get cleaned up. She is so quiet....not crying at all, just content to be in the world with her new family. The nurses poke and prod her a bit to get her crying so they can clear out her lungs. She is healthy as can be! She weighs 7 pounds 8 ounces and is 19 and a half inches long.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur. I deliver the placenta, and then the doctor takes a look to see what the damage is. She was going to have the resident stitch me up, but after seeing what had happened, decided she'd better do it herself. There was one tear down the perineum, and what she called “a blowout” above. I had torn in nine different directions. It took over 2 hours and over 60 stitches to fix me up. Thankfully they turned my epidural way back up so I couldn't feel any of the stitching.

Once I was put back together, they sat me up and brought me back the baby, who had been out with her daddy saying hello to her grandparents in the waiting room. We tried our breastfeeding for the first time, and she did very well! The nurse also brought me a meal (sweet and sour chicken on rice) since I hadn't eaten since breakfast the day before (aside from a bowl of iceceram during labour at home). Everyone laughed at how fast I ate it......I was hungry! After we had eaten, our baby girl was taken to the nursery, and they let me sleep for a few hours until my epidural wore off so I could actually move my legs!

By 4:00 pm, I was ready to get up and have a bath. Unfortunately, I had had a catheter put in after I was stitched up, so walking was very difficult, as was bathing. By 5:00 pm I was up in the Mother/Baby Unit and I got to see my little angel again. We visited with family until 8:00 pm and then spent our first night alone together.

After 3 days in the hospital spent recovering, learning how to breastfeed, and learning the real meaning of “lack of sleep” we were ready to go home. We decided on the name of Ella Marie 2 days after she was born; Ella after a song I sang in choir in high school called “Ella Sunlight” which was about a little girl, and Marie because we thought it sounded perfect....a name fit for a princess.

Eli's Birth Story

Sunday, February 8, 2009
41 weeks 2 days

I stayed home from church and decided to get everything ready to go for my scheduled induction the next day. The bags had been packed for over 3 weeks already, except for the last minute things like toiletries, camera, and cell phone. I had a pretty lazy day - considering I was the veritable size of a whale, I excuse myself. That night I went to bed around 10 pm.

Monday, February 9, 2009
41 weeks 3 days

I was woken up at midnight by Ella - for some reason she deemed it appropriate to wake up ready to start her day 8 hours early. She did not want to go back to sleep! When I went in to her room to see what she needed, I didn’t find her drowsy and searching for her soother, as was usually the reason for a night time rousing. She was wide awake, and started calmly at me - like she knew I was going to be induced that day and thought she’d make me extra tired by keeping me up all night! I tucked her in, told her to go back to sleep and returned to bed. At 12:20 am, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep again and listening to Ella whining away across the hall, my contractions started.

By 2:20 am, Ella was in bed with Chris and I watching TV. The three of us were watching PVR’d episodes of In The Night Garden and Chris was timing my contractions. They were 6 minutes apart, and becoming more painful. The pain was radiating around my left side from the back to the front. We decided to call my mother in law to let her know that she may have to come over to watch Ella before the night was over.

At 2:45 am, Chris put Ella back in her bed and she finally drifted off to sleep. I came downstairs to time my contractions on the computer and let Chris get a bit of sleep in. By 3:15 am, my mother in law arrived (we didn’t tell her to come yet, we had just warned her she may have to make the 30 minute drive soon, but it’s a good thing she did come then!) and my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I started to gather my hospital bags and at 3:40, I woke Chris up. We left for the hospital at 3:52 am and were up in Labor and Delivery by 4:00 am.

I was brought in to the examination room so I could be checked to see if I should be admitted. The Dr. who tried to examine me had really short fingers and couldn’t get an accurate assessment, so she had to call for a nurse (with longer fingers...haha). I was 3 cm dilated, 50-75% effaced and my water was still intact (At my appointment 4 days previously I had been 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced). They decided to admit me as they could tell my contractions were very strong and getting quite close together. Before I went to my room, I soaked in the tub for about 40 minutes.

By 5:15 am I was out of the bath and in my room. My contractions were 2 minutes apart and becoming unbearable for me. They were much stronger than I remember them being with Ella. My legs and feet were tensing up and my toes were curling from the pain. At 5:45 I had the nurse call for the anesthesiologist. The 30 minutes that I waited for him to arrive felt like they lasted hours and the contraction pain got even worse. Finally he arrived at 6:15 am and by 6:30, the epidural was in place. At 7:00 am it was finally effective and I dozed off for about an hour.

At 8:00 am the nurse offered me some grape Jell-o which I greatly enjoyed! She came back with the Dr. when I was finished and did another internal check. At 8:20 am I was 6-7 cm dilated, and my bag of waters was still intact. She broke my water and immediately my contractions became much stronger! The nurse check me again just a few minutes after my water was broken and noted that I felt even more dilated than just minutes before. She turned up my epi a bit for the more intense contractions (not that it helped) and said it shouldn’t be long at all. She told me to let her know when I felt pressure like I wanted to push.

By 9:30 am I was feeling the pressure and urge to push, so the nurse checked me, and I was fully dilated. She had me do a practice push while she was still examining me, and said she could feel the baby move down effectively. They got the room ready for delivery and called the Dr. in. By 9:50 I started pushing - I couldn’t believe that he was already on his way! Labor was going much quicker than with Ella.

With each contraction I pushed 3 times, for about 10 seconds each. From watching my contraction pattern on the monitor, she could see that I was having a good strong contraction followed by a lighter, shorter one. She had me ignore the light contractions and wait for the big ones to do my pushing as I would have more effect during those. After 40 minutes of pushing, the head was finally out! He had lots of dark hair, just like his sister. During the next contraction, I didn’t even have to push his body out, it just slid right out with the contraction in to the Dr.’s hands. She lay him on my chest, all warm and gooey - which is the nicest feeling, strange as it sounds! Baby Boy was born at 10:27 am, weighed 9 lbs 7 oz, and was 22 inches long! Chris cut the cord, and they took baby boy to the warming table to clean and wrap up. When they told me his weight both Chris and I nearly fainted from shock! How on earth I got that huge boy out of me was beyond me! After I delivered the placenta a few minutes later, they gave baby boy to Chris to hold while I was stitched up - I had a second degree tear, but fared much better than with Ella’s delivery!

We remembered how when Ella was born, Chris had said “Wow! She looks like my Dad!”. This time, as we looked at our new baby boy, he said “Wow! He looks like your Dad!”. He looked much different than Ella at birth - he was definitely an Allingham and not a Goetz! It took us a few days to name him, just like with Ella. Finally we decided on Eli Jeremy - I really thought he looked like an Eli, and he took Chris’ middle name.

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Sorry I copied straight from my Dec 09 board
Taine's Birth Story - 39 weeks 1 day

Around 2am of the 2nd Dec i woke up with contractions at about 8-10 mins apart but they didn’t progress into anything other than an ongoing menstrual like cramp. Went to the bathroom a couple hours later where i had my bloody show (sorry tmi) and then tried going back to sleep – ended up watching Wall-E because i couldn’t sleep. Decided to ring the midwife that morning and she asked me to pop into the birthing centre, DBF packed the car and we were away. Midwife preformed a membrane sweep and told me that we were only at 1 ½ cm dilated, but she did expect me back in 8- 10 hours time to have baby.

Spent the day doing some last minute things around the house and then put my feet up. Around 7pm the contractions started back up again, but this time it was the real thing by 9pm they were around 6 mins apart, rung the grandmas-to-be ( it’s an hr drive) and got in touch with my midwife. By 12pm the contractions were 5 mins apart and my midwife was paying us a home visit to make sure we wouldn’t be turned away. She had another wee look and i had only progressed another ½ cm. She left the room and when i sat up i felt a pop and a pool of water came out. I yelled out for the midwife to come back and check and sure enough my bag had broken, had a quick shower and we headed to the birth centre.

By 3am on the 3rd contractions were almost becoming unbearable as i was experiencing back labour, i had 4 injections of water straight under the skin to ease the pain, it only lasted ¾ of an hour and the pain returned. By 4am I decided that i wanted to jump into the birthing pool to see if the water would help. I ended up staying in the pool the rest of the labour and proceeded to have a natural water birth. I was fully dilated by 730am and ready to push. Pushed for 50 mins, only experienced one small tear and our wee boy made his grand entrance December 3rd at 8:47am weighing 8lb 8oz, was 21 1/3 inches in length and had a full head of hair. He scored 8 and 8 on his Apgars, and the only thing they found was he was tongue tied and made a small snip so he could breast feed properly.

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Okay here's mine.
I had been dealing with pregnancy induced hypertension for about 4 weeks, and we had been monitoring it with urine samples and blood work weekly/twice a week. It was all good. I go to the doctor on the day before Christmas (or the day before Christmas eve, I can't remember), they said they wanted me to do one more round of pee collection and bloodwork, and I was to arrive at the hospital on 12/28 to drop off the stuff and get a NST/ultrasound, etc.
So we do the usual Christmas festivities, which included putting all the ribbons/bows on my big ol' preggo belly. It was quite cute, actually.
On 12/27, I was having some contractions, but nothing to write home about. We get up early, drive through a snowstorm and arrive at the hospital around 8:00 a.m. This was the first snowstorm of the year, and our hospital is a 30 minute drive from home. I march up to the midwife and say that I didn't want to leave the hospital without a baby in my arms this time. She said "we'll see about that". I was 40w exactly that day.
Well, they take my labs, take my pee jugs, and send us down to ultrasound. When we come back up they said basically--you've got protein in your urine, you're going to be induced and you're not leaving without the baby in your arms! So by noon, they had started the induction process.
At some point they break my water. I end up asking for something to take the edge off, they give me stadol. demon drug. I hated every second of that. I tried to sleep but for some reason DH thought I SHOULDN'T sleep, and kept waking me up. A couple hours later, I had progressed and asked for an epidural. So I get one. I remember HEARING the sound of the needle going into my back. Weird. Anyhow, fast forward a bit, I had stopped progressing at 6cm. We let it go for a bit longer and at 9 p.m. the doctor asked if we would consider a c-section. I said yes. Immediately. So they got me prepped up, hubby got prepped up, and down to the OR we went.
The anesthesiologist said that I would feel some tugging, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. Jack said they had to tug pretty hard to get the baby out, he was stuck under my ribs! That was the reason he didn't decend at all, he was so tall. I remember asking Jack if he could look over the curtain to see if they had the baby out, and he said "I don't know what I am looking at, but I know it's not a baby, so don't ask me again". (He doesn't do well with that sort of stuff. Me, I wanted to watch! Jack (John Stacy, V) was born at 11pm on 12/28. He weighed 7lbs 1 oz, and was 21.7 inches long! the nurses all exclaimed "he looks like a Jack". He was perfect, and I breathed such a sigh of relief when I heard his cries.
Poor DH had to drive home in a snowstorm AGAIN in the middle of the night--I think he got home at 4 a.m., and discovered that the dog had puked on our bed, our friend had let him out a few times that day for us, and he knew something was up. DH just said "eff it" and slept on the couch. We all came home on 12/31. I rang in 2010 trying to nurse my little man. The end.