Sharing the gender

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Sharing the gender

We always knew we would find out the gender. But now DH tells me he would prefer not telling people....after I have told a ton of people that our u/s in on Wed I would tell them all what we are having. He thinks it would be fun to surprise people. I really want to share and celebrate with everyone. Plus I have friends holding clothes until we find out then they will give them to us or pass on to someone else. I am excited for hand me downs...we never had that before. We both agree we will not share the name...that will be hard enough for me I am a huge talker. I just don't know what to do. I want to respect DH wishes but we should have discussed this earlier...he told me the reason he said that was because he knew I could not keep a secret. Which to be honest would be so hard for me. I will for sure share with you guys.

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oh that is hard! We tell everything LOL I just don't care to keep anything a secret luckily DH is the same Smile GL!

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Wow, that is REALLY tough. I'm sure you've pointed out to him about how people are holding clothes. Its strange to me that men don't get that same incredible rush over looking at little baby socks with roses that women do!

My SO really didn't want to find out gender...and I'm really not proud of how that situation resolved itself. We were arguing about something else (something stupid, I'm sure) and I said "and I'm going to find out the gender whether you like it or not!" And he said "Okay" and we did.

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I agree that men are so weird about baby things! I'm to the point where I'm like, I'm carrying the baby, so anything baby related (knowing the sex, picking the name, telling people, delivery methods) should be my decision! I'll gladly take his input but I make the calls!! Lol maybe I'm just selfish like that! Everyone knows the sex of our little man but we are definitely keeping the name a secret until his birth day (which DH thinks is stupid but I told him that's what I wanted... period!)!

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That's a tough one. I have a ton of folks holding on to old baby stuff for me, too. Maybe you could comprimise wuith DH and just tell those folks, as a curtesoy?

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I still am not sure what to do. I guess I will just wait until Wed and see how we feel once we find out. Thanks for listening

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I think the answer is quite clear: I have a big mouth. If you dont want everyone else to know then we shouldnt know either Smile Personally thats how it is with me. He however wants to know and doesnt care who knows so well find out if we can. But if he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone until the birth then it would have to be a secret to me too.

I figure though that no matter when you tell people they will be surprised by the gender. Its no bigger a surprise at 20 weeks than it is at the birth.