sharp, stabbing pains

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sharp, stabbing pains

Off and one since late Friday, I have had sharp stabbing pains pretty low down there. I am hoping this is a sign that maybe I am effacing or dilating??? LOL I am so ready to go. ANyone else have this???

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I have had it off and on for a few weeks and a lot last night. I think it could mean the baby is low and things are opening up and that is a good sign... or it could be like so many other things, nothing and you will still be waiting:rolleyes:

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I swear somebody gave Nicholas a fork in there. I have those too, but I don't know if they really mean anything since I was not really dilated much after having those.

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I have the same thing, especially after I walk around for more than a few minutes. Its just the pressure of all the baby weight and amniotic fluid on your pelvis. It could be a sign of dialation, but for me I won't know for another week at my appt! Just try and take it easy!