In shock!

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In shock!

So... hi! I'm back... after a 5 year hiatus!

It took several years, tens of thousands of $s and every fertility treatment known to science, but in 2006 I had my awesome boy/girl twins. Imagine my surprise when last week I thought... hmm... I'm late. And after taking/getting 7 (yes 7) BFPs (paranoia), I'd love to join this group if you'll have me! This was a huge shock but of course a very welcome one.

About me: I'm a web/graphic designer and group fitness instructor (Turbo Kick), and for the past few months I've been working on starting my own fitness business for preggos/new mommies (WHO KNEW I WOULD BE MY OWN FIRST CLIENT??!? Oops).

I have a doc appt on Friday to check for "viability" (why do they make it sound scary?) Wish me luck! Can't wait to get to know you guys. Smile

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congrats on your BFP!!!

I should have been at turbo kick tonight but I have been slacking lol!!! I wish we had prego fitness classes here!!!

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amazing congrats :):)

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Congratulations and all the best wishes!!!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats and welcome.
I look forward to getting to know you.

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Welcome and congrats! I guess they say that sometimes it happens when you are least expecting it!

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NO KIDDING!! Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

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