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Just wanted to say that both children are sleeping right now. Kay is going on 1 hour and 40 minutes and Joshua is probably going on about 40 minutes of sleep.

And I am enjoying the silence very very much!

Joshua was very crabby today and had lots of attitude so I sent him for a time out and when I went to go get him out of time out he was asleep, he had actually pulled the covers on him. Guess he needed a very much needed nap.

Hopefully he goes to bed for his dad okay tonight.

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Cool, double nap! My first DS pretty much stopped napping before my second was born, but I remember they did nap at the same time once or twice and it was awesome!

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Hope you enjoyed the quiet!

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Lucky... my kids never nap together lol! The luckiest I get is when DD will nap, as my boys almost never do (they're older, anyway)... the trick is trying to keep them quiet while she sleeps lol!