Skin darkening

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Skin darkening

Someone just mentioned about the nipples getting darker, so it reminded me of something. While pregnant, I get an awesome tan! without using products or being in the sun. My skin just gets darker and darker. It isn't splotchy or weird mask of pregnancy stuff.
I don't get linea negra nor do my nipples get darker (they actually get lighter! or maybe it is the contrast?)
How is everyone else's skin? Which things affect you?

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I dont get that glow so many people talk about.I always look pale and gross LOL.This is the first pregnancy that my nipples have gotten darker too which has just started happening and is weird.Never had any other darkening either. My skin just gets really dry when I am pregnant.

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I don't get the line either, nor do my nipples get darker (larger maybe, lol). I can't say that I ever noticed my skin getting darker... but it will by all my tanning this summer... I gotta look good for vacation!

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Gotta love that extra melanin our pregnant bodies produce! No linea for me. My nipples look tan and I've noticed more moles and freckles popping up.

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I really haven't had any skin changes yet. I'm kind of hoping for a linea, which might be odd. But its a cute temporary side effect of pregnancy!