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How's itgoing for everyone? Maya has nights when she's up every three hours and then last night slept a whopping nine!! After six I woke up to make sure she was still alive and magically she was just slerping Smile I'm sure shellbeup every twohours tonight tomake me pay for it. The only thing I did different was to swaddle her again.

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Some nights are good, some nights not so much. Logan usually goes 3-4hrs at night, but the other night he was awake until 3:30am... ugh. Last night he went to bed at 9pm, was up at 1am for a feeding, then 4am, and then 8. Every night is different.
Way to go Maya for sleeping 9hrs! Is she bf or ff?

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Well Carter got up at midnight and was up until 545am. :eek: But he slept from 545 until 11, took a bottle, and went back down from 1130-300. His sleeping patterns change daily. I'm just trying to get through it until he gets a little older so I can implement a routine. I've tried to have a bedtime routine for him but he's just so unpredictable that it wasn't working. He's just too young at this point. I'm just thankful he appears to be over this waking up every 2 hours schedule. That almost killed me!

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haha well we've had 3 nights so I don't have much to go on Smile Last night was the first night at home and I was just happy to be HOME. DS1 was a bear to get to sleep anywhere but in our arms/on our chest as a newborn. Rory doesn't seem to have that issue but was up every 1-2 hours all night. My milk is coming in today though so I'm hoping when I can fill him up more he'll sleep longer. He seems to like the swaddleme which was my savior with Evan so we'll continue to wrap him up like a burrito! Our whole schedule is much more routine due to Evan and I'm hoping that will help too - I of course can't/won't force a schedule on Rory for a while but I'm hoping it will be easier to fall in to one b/c we've already got such a nice one with Evan....maybe ??

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The wheels fell off & it's gone all pear shaped. At a week old DS was falling into a little pattern of sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night, and during the day would be hungry every 2-3 hours. Daytime feeds worked out (until last week) every 3 hours you could practically set a clock by him. So I had tried to time his feeds so that the last was 11pm, then I'd be up around 3am & then our day would start around 7am. It worked quite well for awhile, we worked through a growth spurt and some fussiness. Now I'm not sure what is going on, I'm sure I shouldn't complain but last night was 8, 10 & 11pm 1am 3:40am & 7am he was just so demanding and angry - he's tired but won't sleep, so when he's clean &comfy - what else can you do but give him the boob?

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Nicholas is a month old today and he is still all over the place with his sleep. At night he is at the boob almost all the time. He snacks and snoozes. I should work on more of a routine and more substantial feedings, but I nod off while nursing him... During the day he naps pretty well. He wakes up every 2 to 3 hours...

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my guy's only 9 days old so there's no schedule or anything. for a few nights i had DH give him one bottle so i could get a 3 or so hour stretch of sleep. the last two nights though my milk has been in and i just HAD to feed the little guy myself or else i was going to explode. i want to go back to doing the one bottle at night thing but it might have to wait until my boobs figure out how much milk they need to make.

i really need to try to lay down during the day when/if the two boys are napping. it's so hard to do that though! not easy to just shut down in the middle of the day.

i miss sleep.

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Whoohoo I got sleep last night!! It took me nearly 2 hours to get him down because I was determined to get him asleep on his own. So it was 2 hours of rocking, nursing, laying down then he'd fuss so we'd repeat but around 12:40 he stayed asleep and slept until 4:15 then ate, diaper and back down until 7:30 all on his own! Of course I have no faith this will happen again but I'll take one night at a time.

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I thought I'd share my put baby to bed technique. First, swaddle your baby. Nurse or feed in a chair directly next to the crib (make sure the side is down) next put baby upright for burp then back horizontal in your arms but not your lap. Gently rock the baby in your arms, but do not move the chair if it's a rocker. After a minute or two, while still rocking gently place baby in the crib. Keep one hand on them and gently rock Your baby burrito. Continue fir two to three minutes then let go. WAit for a minute or two and then Derick in the crib if necessary. Hold your breath, make sure you're wearing socks so the floor doesn't squeak, pray to whichever God you believe in and creep out. This works 99% of the time for me and I am
usually out four minutes after I finish nursing. I also keep the radio on low the entire night.

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Devin nurses around every 3 hours and sleeps in 2-3 hour stretches. At night, he sleeps 4 to 5 hour stretches. I'm very lucky to not have sleep issues (knock on wood!) I'm a night owl, so I truly enjoy the 3 AM feedings.

I also still do a lot of skin to skin bonding with him. Devin gets a lot of sleep on my chest...and I get sleep too! :woohoo:

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I've been really bad with the swaddling thing, so maybe that's my problem! I only did it for the first couple of nights... I'm so trying that tonight! Trystan is actually doing pretty well with slepping, he's only had a few nights where I was up every freaking hour! Last night he was up just once at 4:30, then not again until 7:30... so that was pretty nice!