Sleep, where art thou?

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Sleep, where art thou?

Ugh, it's getting so bad at night for me! How about you ladies?

I swear I must have woken up 35 times last night. Twice to pee and the other 33 times to roll over! I just can't get a solid sleep in! Doesn't help that my 2.5 year old is up by 6 am every day.

I swear, that weekend that I have to myself in 2 weeks, I'm going to take a sleeping pill! I just want a blessed solid 9 hours! Wouldn't that be heaven???

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I hear ya...what is sleep?????????

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"RobinBG" wrote:

I hear ya...what is sleep?????????


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If you see it, send it my way!!

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That is me tonight but last night I got 6 was heaven!!!!

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*Sigh* I have a feeling I won't be seeing sleep for a long while Sad

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I feel better knowing it is not just me;)I have to keep peeing and my mind is too active. I am thirsty all the time,so I know I am drinking too much before bed, because I am peeing large amounts.

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I'm doing the same thing at night, and fretting all night that the baby will come early, or worrying about L&D, or having just random strange vivid and detailed dreams. It's so stupid. I get good hours in bed, and must sleep, but feel so tired in the morning. This morning despite being asleep at 11 I still slept in. Now all you mommies who can't get many hours in will hate me too :S

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I literally saw every single hour on my clock last night *sigh* Too much to do, no energy to do it! And this tummy is getting ridiculous. I dont know how I ever made it to forty weeks last time without going insane!!

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Same here. My insomnia subsided, but now I wake up to pee or just to adjust my position. Usually I sleep sitting up or on my left side. My back is sore and my hips ... oy!

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Untill I came to the hospital I couldnt sleep at all up all night to pee to get water everything. But here I have my own bed and I've been sleeping 6 plus hours every night Smile except last night DH was snoring sooooo loud! Yes he is sleeping here, he wont sleep at home. He goes to work, then home to check on the animals and do chores then, hunts for the rest of day light. And then he is with me the rest of the night. Smile I love him so much.

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I do wake up to potty, but only two or three times a night, and I don't have a problem falling right back to sleep. My only issue while sleeping is needing to roll from side to side... it's the most painful thing! I literally cry out it hurts so bad! I do sleep with a black mask over my eyes though, it helps so much!

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Christina - I am so glad that your DH spends the nights with you at the hospita. Mine did as well when I was was awesome to have that support.

Well 3 am here and I am up. Woke up to pee and could not fall back asleep. I too have the pain at night...ouch. Luckily I get time every day to nap. I love my naps.