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Any one else a tummy sleeper. I am starting off on my side hugging pillows but end up mostly on my tummy by morning. I am having a hard time to not lay on it - I am not fully on it as I have the pillows but my poor tummy feels so squished in the morning. I need to get a body pillow and see if that helps. Anyone else having problems with positions??

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I'm a stomach sleeper and it's still very comfortable for me so I'm ok. i think I finally had to give it up around 16-20 weeks with Evan. I wedged pillows on either side for a while to make it work. I remember the first night after he was born sleeping on my stomach nothing was better than that night's sleep LOL

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I'm a side sleeper. And I like to have a pillow between my knees..but I did that before I found out I was pregnant. My tummy feels fine in the AM but if I don't wear a sports bra to bed, then my bbs hurt.

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I flip and flop but end up on my tummy alot.Last night I ended up on my tummy most of the night and I paid for it this morning.I was a little sore.But as long as it isnt waking you up I would think it was ok.