Sleeping ???

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Sleeping ???

I have a question to ask... i have noticed that i have been sleeping on my left side... but im waking up in so much pain in my hip that i switch to my right side.. i know i have read that it's not good to sleep on your right side.. but im so uncomfortable and can barley move when i sleep on my side... and to boot i keep finding myself on my back.. UGGGHH Sad i don't want to hurt my LO but is it really that bad if i switch between left and right ?? i don't know anymore ... Sad

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Apparently left side is better for circulation and oxygen flow to baby, but I think right side is fine Smile

At this point the only no-no's are sleeping flat on your back and obviously your tummy!

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I try to sleep on either side, and roll back and forth adjusting the damn knee pillow several times a night, everytime I do I get the hip pain but feel like I have to try and balance it out(?). I often wake up on my back still, I know it's not ideal but don't feel like my belly is quite that big yet so I don't beat myself up over it, kwim? I am probably waking myself up after just a short while of being on my back anyway. I figure I might have to pillow-wedge myself to stop from going on my back if this carries on too much longer when I'm too much bigger than now... but I don't remember it being a problem with DD at 7-9 months last time around & feel my belly was 'smaller' last time. :shrug: Yes the Doc said left side is best but either side is fine - we gotta sleep somehow.

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My midwives said that the biggest concern with back sleeping is cutting off blood flow to the vena cava... and basically, before the LO suffers ill effects the Mother will wake and/or feel dizzy and lightheaded.

I'm finding myself sleeping on my back less and less! Its pretty rare now that I'll wake there.

And re: hip pain...this is weird, but I was STRUGGLING with horrific sciatica/UTI/hip pain for weeks. I'd wake up in horrible pain in the night. Last week or so, I've really made a point to drink every ounce of my recommended water plus extra when I exercise. Its helped fix EVERYTHING! Biggrin

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Both my obs have told me to sleep how I'm comfortable. The second circulation becomes a problem you'll wake up and automatically switch. Zero risk!

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I'm in the sleep how you're comfortable camp. I'll even sleep on my stomach if I can wedge enough pillows under my sides to feel comfortable. Just recently this has stopped really working for me Sad I move sides a lot at night and get up to pee at least once as long as my body lets me sleep I figure I'm safe enough

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Thanks so much ladies.. Smile i was really starting to freak out.. the pain im feeling is like a stiff and almost pins and needles like it went to sleep ..?? make sense.. but when i do find my self on my back it's mostly when i first wake up and if i do sleep on my back i do wake up so i know thats not a big problem .. but thanks so much for calming my nerves Smile

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That's weird, I've never heard that you shouldn't sleep on your right side! That's the only way that I can even fall asleep! I'm normally a stomach sleeper, but since that's out of the question, I'm stuck side-sleeping, as I can no way sleep on my back, it makes it hurt too much.

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I was told left side is better but right side was fine too. I often wake up on my back Sad I too am a stomace sleeper. But between the siatica pain and peeing all night im only in one position for a short time lol Pillows help to not lie on my back but I find the couch more comfy cause I can control how hot or cold and move whenever I want and not disturbe my hubby. hope you get some sleep!

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