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Lately Keira has been getting into a nice little routine. It's really nice because it gives me a chance to relax before going to bed. Usually she will go to bed anywhere from about 10:30 to 12, lately it has been closer to 10:30 and sleeping till about 3:30. The last two nights she has slept until 5:30 and 6:30. AND the really big thing is she has been sleeping in the bassinet!!!!! I am actually getting sleep without a baby in my bed Smile Well for the first part of the night anyways, but hey I will take that over nothing any day Smile

Are your little ones starting to get into a routine? Sleeping longer?

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:woohoo: That's so great that not only are you getting sleep but alone time in your bed without baby!! I actually posted about this very thing in December yesterday! The other night, Trystan slept straight through from 11PM-6AM! And a few nights before that he slept through for six straight hours! It was so amazing to actually get that much sleep in a row! I haven't slept like that since before I was pregnant (thanks to waking four or five times during the night while pregnant to pee!)!!! I wouldn't call it a routine, though, as last night he went to bed around 10PM and woke up at 3:30AM to eat and then again at 6AM...

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Yayy!!! I still sleep with him, even though I could easily put him down in his crib. But he does sleep longer now and more predictable during the day too.

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How wonderful! Don't you feel so well rested? Gianni is now sleeping in his crib upstairs, he goes down around 8-9 and wakes up around 12-1 and I will nurse him laying down and then Put him back in his crib. He will sleep a good 3-4 hours more. It is awesome :)! Sometimes I fall asleep when we are nursing and forget to put him the crib, but I don't mind some cuddle time either!

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Things have really improved for us lately too! I put him down around 9 and he's been sleeping until 2 or even 3!! Of course I can't seem to get to bed before 11 so I don't get to enjoy all the sleep BUT I do enjoy a little non-kid time from 9-11 and that's nice in my book! At 2/3 I tend to be lazy and just put him in bed with us and he sleeps another couple hours. He's getting better about nursing laying down w/o fussing. All in all sleep is definitely improving which is wonderful since Monday it's back to work

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So jealous! Emerson is still eating 4-5 times at night. I can't seem to get him to go longer than 2-3 hours. SO TIRED!!!!

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Logan is almost in a schedule now.. last night was different, though. I am trying to get him on a schedule where he only has two naps a day now. With dd back in school again, I REALLY need a schedule to organize my life. Logan usually wakes up around 7-7:30, eats, and then every 3 hours during the day. He naps in the morning, and in the afternoon, and is usually awake from 4:30-7 or 5-8'ish, depending on naps. Then at bedtime (we are trying to get all 3 kids into bed at the same time), he has a bath, rub down with lotion, feeds, and then I do a dream feed at 10, and then he'll go until 3'ish, and then eat, and falls right back asleep. Now, this isn't his schedule every day/night unfortunately, last night he woke up every 3hrs it seemed to eat... perhaps a growth spurt? I am one of those Mom's who needs structure and a routine, otherwise I get nothing accomplished. I also need a lot of sleep to function.
Eventually they will all start sttn and we will miss those snuggle times in the middle of the night! Well, maybe not waking up at night, but I love Logan's snuggles Smile

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Maya is a bit older but thanks to The lucky Jammie's that Sandra sent me, she has slept from 8pm til 7 am for the last couple of nights!! Trouble is that I still wake up at 2am and can't get back to sleep. Hopefully the insomnia will go away so I have the energy to enjoy my vacation next week!

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Carter sleeps 8-10 hours straight...but sometimes it takes a bit to get him down. We do have a routine but it doesn't guarantee that he will go to sleep when I want him to. But I do take comfort in knowing that when I do get him down that there will be a good stretch of sleep ahead of both of us.