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We are FINALLY getting sleep in this house! After 5 months of fighting with Rory I just gave up trying to get him to sleep in his crib all together. Every night I lay down in our bed with him, he nurses and snuggles for about a 1/2 hour and by about 8:30 he's out. I get up, go downstairs and go to bed at my usual time between 10 and 11. He hardly stirs when I go to bed. He wakes a couple times in the night to eat but doesn't fuss or cry. When I was trying to get him down in his crib we spent so much time fighting to get him down he'd get over tired and then fight all night long even in our bed -- keeping us all up.

It is all such a HUGE relief. I still don't love co sleeping but I've simply accepted that he just needs it right now. We were fighting for hours every night to get a couple hours of him sleeping in his crib. It was awful and only getting worse not better. Now every night is peaceful. Why didn't I do this sooner? Sometimes I need to just be more flexible!

How is sleep going for everyone else?

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I'm so glad you found the magic button for sleep!

Emerson has really improved too! Up until last week he was still eating 5-6 times a night, in bed with us the whole night. All of a sudden out of the blue while we were in the hotel last week during our move transition, he started only waking 1-2 times to eat at night! Then we moved in to our new place and we set up his crib in his own room. I have been putting him down in there for naps and at bedtime and it's been going so well! We've been sleeping in our new house for 6 nights and every night he has spent the first half of the night in his crib, then I go get him when he wakes up (around 2:30 am) and he eats and spends the rest of the night in our bed.

I also started him on solids once a day at suppertime and I think it's filling him up a big more. He's had sweet potatoes and carrots. He didn't like the rice cereal at all, so i moved on to veggies.

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Glad you guys are getting some sleep! Sad to say things are pretty bad here in the sleep department. Niva is up every 1-2 hours until 6:30ish, then she will usually stay in bed nursing for another hour before she is up for good. She has been sleeping much worse for the last month or so, I am hoping it's teething and that she will start sleeping better when the tooth comes in. She is pretty hungry a lot of the time too, so maybe when I start solids things will improve.

She has to start sleeping someday....

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I am in the same sort of boat as above. He sleeps when he wants, but generally he is awake more often than not, Sad But he's cute because he loves to snuggle, he will roll or scoot in his sleep to hold my arm or my husbands Lol