So...whatcha up to today??

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So...whatcha up to today??

So how is the week going? What are you up to today? I am so excited. This afternoon before I see my OB I have my Cranial sacral appt...I am so looking forward to an hour of energy work...I feel great after. And this week I have been so busy and it is so hot my feet are so sore. Then off to the OB is on holidays so today I am meeting her partner. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Nothing much here -- I'm officially on VACATION Smile Next week we're heading to Cape Cod it's our first time all away together and I'm really looking forward to it. Evan has a cold though so we're going to swing by the doctor's this afternoon just to make sure his ears look ok etc b/c I want a healthy baby on vacation!

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Trying to get into work today... wanting to find old pictures from my last pregnancy to compare but my disk driver isn't working!!!

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I'm working today... but so excited that my big U/S is tomorrow! I can't wait to see my LO again, and to make sure he's still a "he!"