Solitude : )

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Solitude : )

Anybody else love being alone? Biggrin

My DH is out of town this weekend. Tonight my DD is sleeping at Grandma's, so it's just DS and I. It is now....8:15 pm and he is off to dreamland without a fight!

I love having the prospect of 3 hours to myself before bed!!! I could, of course, go to bed early....but I think I will just enjoy my evening ALONE awake Smile

I just love time to myself!

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Oh yeah! I love school nights b/c DH works, kids go to bed early and I get to hang out and watch whatever I want! Or poke around on the internet Wink

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I had that the other night, Rob took the two boys and I had kay but she went to sleep around 8 and he didn't get back till around 11 and all i did was fall asleep on the couch. lol

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Nothin' wrong with a good early bedtime!

I had a Slurpee, at chocolate covered raisins, and watched Australia (and bawled my eyes out). Good night Smile

Totally ruined by the fact that DS spent the night in bed with me tossing and turning! I need a nap today!

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I'm a huge fan of solitude Smile

I'm trying to soak in AS MUCH as I can before little L arrives...because then it is going away!

I actually hadn't heard of Australia, but now I really want to watch it and bawl, too!

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It's definitely nice... although I'm rarely ever alone completely. The best I get is on my days off when DH is at work and my boys are at school all day, so it's just DD and I. But she's so easy, she just plays to herself or watches a movie, so if I want to take a nap I can!

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I too love being alone! Now that DS is in school full time I am starting to get some time to myself. I have been at the school every day though helping so I am hoping this week I will be home more.