Sore Nipples..Vent with a little TMI

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Sore Nipples..Vent with a little TMI

When I give birth in Nov, it will be 9 1/2 years since my last baby. I breastfed all my boys from between 12 and 18 months. I'm looking forward to breastfeeding again but...


I don't remember my nipples being so sore in the middle of pregnancy! First trimester, my breasts were sore but that has now faded away. My nipples, however, are tender to the touch! I avoid them in the shower (I just let water run over them).

This is TMI but my nips are a big turn on for DH...for me too! When we dtd last night, I instinctively slapped DH's hand away when he reached for them..LOL! I'm sorry for ranting so much about something so minor, but .... DAMN they hurt!

Anyone else experiencing nip pain? Is this normal during pregnancy?

Thanks for letting me vent!

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No pain here, but at certain times they can be super sensitive which makes it either really annoying or kinda painful.... but not actual pain if that makes sense??

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Maybe try some lanolin already? I don't get sore nips until after the baby nurses the first few weeks, so no experience with this...
I think you can try the lanisoh cream it could help...

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I had such sore nips up until a couple weeks ago. There were so bad they would wake me up at night. I sometimes would blow on them to try to cool them or put a cold cloth on them. I could not believe the pain. But for some reason they are not as bad now...thankfully! So I totally get where you are coming from! Hope you find some relief soon.

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sore ones here too... Sad just like Melanie mentioned mine will wake me up in the middle of the night ... it stinks.... my DH loves mine too and i hit his hands away as well Smile

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My nips were really sore in the first trimester but have gradually got better. DH thinks this is wonderful since they are his 'toys' .

Not to thread jack Tamara but TMI - anyone getting that crusty yellow stuff on them?

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nicole ---yes... what is it..

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I've had sensitivity on and off, but no pain. I only had that the first few days of BF just getting used to it all over again. I know that last time I used some Lanisnoh (sp?) gel that I got from Babies R Us and it really helped to take the edge off! It's even safe to use when BF and doesn't even need to be wiped off.

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I've had that crust in the past but not yet with this preg. I think it's dried colostrum...

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Me!! I also don't let water run over them and hate anything touching them. I nursed my daughter through this pain and she recently weaned, but omg, when she'd latch on, my head would spin from the pain.

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Mine are TERRIBLY painful this time around! I didn't have this problem last time, so I am also concerned about the ability to breastfeed. Even the water hitting them from the shower is BRUTAL. Sad

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ME too, I have been using lanolin already! Yes for the crusty stuff too..

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FTM here...and my boobs feel great! Wink No leaking or extreme soreness. They are a little sore on the sides, kinda like before I start AF but nothing like what you ladies are experiencing.