sorry I've been MIA!

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sorry I've been MIA!

Hi all! Happy new year! Sorry I've been MIA--my two kiddos keep me hopping and super busy. I usually can only get online using my phone in the middle of the night or after a nursing session.

We are all doing well--Jack just turned 2 on 12/28, we had a family dinner (Nana, DH, myself, and of course Trinity) on his birthday and his party was this past Sunday (about 15 people, all family and very close friends of ours). We finally have 99% of christmas put away and have found homes for all the toys the kids got for Christmas, and for Jack's birthday.

Trinity is fussy in the late afternoons/evenings, which is better than 9pm-2am like she was a week and a half ago. She's moved into her own crib, instead of the basinette-which is being passed onto my sister in law for her baby girl that is due in April! Trinity smiles occasionally-she's much more stoic than Jack was at her age, but she's cooing and "talking" up a storm when something catches her interest.

Jack is the sweetest big brother. He brings her a binky whenever she cries, brings me diapers when I ask for him to do so, makes sure she has a blanket, and will often put a toy next to her in the swing or on the couch. He has given her a million hugs and kisses today-and always looks for her in her crib first thing when he gets up.

Big Jack and I are celebrating the 11th anniversary of our first date tonight. His sister thought we would hit it off, so I gave her my phone number, she passed it onto him, and we went out to dinner and a movie. Tonight we are getting take out from the restaraunt where we had our first date. I might see if Castaway is available for streaming anywhere so we can watch that, we saw that on our second date.

We had found a house we loved, but it was a short sale, and we are about 1/2way to saving enough money for a down payment/closing costs/carrying costs for our current house, and someone put an offer in on it. It was a short sale, and the first offer was declined by the bank, but they put in a second offer. I was bummed for a bit, but we realized that that wasn't the right house for us, and have turned our attention to nicer houses. Jack seems to think he's primed for another promotion in the next few months, and with that, hopefully a nice raise and a little less crazy of a schedule for work. Now if only our 3 acres of land would sell, we would be able to put an offer in on something sooner!!! If it doesn't sell by the time we're in a new house, we're just going to keep it, and eventually put a well and septic on it, and put a garage up...we can store stuff there, have a nice garden, and keep some snowmobiles there because its right next to the trail system.

As for me, I am feeling awesome. I love nursing. I am so happy that we got the hang of it this time. I still feel badly that I didn't try hard enough with Jack, and gave up so soon, but Trinity just got it right away. I am down 22 or so lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am now around 163#. I would like to get down to 145# and that goal actually seems in reach. I have to get a new sports bra and I will start training for the road race I want to do this summer as soon as I get that. I haven't decided if I am going to do the 15k or the 5k. I am going to train for the 15k and then if I feel I can't do it, I am going to do the 5k.

I have my follow up with my OB today. Its weird not seeing the ladies at the office all the time now!!

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I love house-hunting! It's fun and frustrating at the same time lol! Good luck with it! And congrats on everything being well with Trinity! Don't worry, EVERYONE has gone MIA on this board lol!

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I like to think its because we're all busy with the kiddos! It probably is!!! Smile
Hubby got a new laptop today so once he clears the one he got this summer off, its mine, and I will no longer be tethered to a power supply and will be able to have a little more computer time. (My battery is shot and I amnot paying $50-$100 for a new battery for a laptop that I was going to replace sometime this year!)

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I hear you about the battery! I seriously go through two laptops a year...ugh.

I wish we could buy your home! I'd love some acreage.

Glad everything is going well! Nice work on the weight loss.

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I've been keeping up with you on Facebook. I always enjoy your updates! Biggrin

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Glad to hear all is going well. WTG on BFing, Trinity, and helping Mamma lose so much weight! Good luck with the selling & househunting Smile