The Spa : )

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The Spa : )

I'm so excited Biggrin

DH is taking the kids out of town 2 weekends from now, and I just booked my morning at the spa! I've got a 60 minute pregnancy massage followed by a 90 minute pedicure. Can I just say......these 2 weeks can't pass fast enough! My toes are in serious need of attention! And I am just drooling thinking of the massage! I have never had a massage before Smile

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Oh that sounds soooo good. Even the thought of being able to lay facedown in the massage table with the belly-hole sounds like a treat! I'm wanting to get in for a pedi too, will book that for after work is done. Next week is my last, and it's a short one - hurray!

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Ooooo totally jealous over here!! Prenatal massages are amazing, and that pedi sounds good as well!

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I'm so glad you get to have that spa day! You totally deserve it. The 90-minute pedi sounds like heaven (and the massage doesn't sound bad, either!)

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OK, I am on my way to join you. You are only 7 hours or so away...I can do it Smile Enjoy your time to yourself!

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You will love it!!!! The only time I go to the spa is when I am preggo!!! Enjoy.