Spent the night in the ER OT

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Spent the night in the ER OT

DS had a febrile convulsion last night and we spent the night in hospital. All is well now and he has antibiotics to help a throat infection and pamol to ease the fever. DS didn't give us any indication he was sick, it was awful. We felt so helpless while it was happening.

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you poor thing and poor baby!!! what is a febrile convulsion?? how scary!!! thank goodness all is well. i hope you can get some rest! xoxo

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Its like a seizure, caused by a rapid change increase in temperature. It's fairly common in little children between 6month - 6 years. Its the bodies way in cooling down. The 111 operator I spoke to on the phone was a lifesaver, she stayed on the line til the ambulance got here.

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oh no! Hugs to sweet Taine (and you!!). I have a friend who went through this a couple times for some reason her son was really sensitive to fevers. Thankfully now he's completely outgrown it but it used to scare her senseless. Poor Taine, I hope he's one the mend quickly!

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That's so scary Nicole! I am glad to hear he's okay, and usually febrile seizures/convulsions don't have lasting effects. *hugs* to both you, Daddy, and little boy.

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I'm so sorry! Glad to hear he's doing better, though!

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Poor baby! My nephew has had a few febrile seizures. He's 3. I guess once you have one, you are prone to having more.

Glad he's on the mend!

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Poor thing! I hope he feels better quickly! I'm sure that was a very scary experience.

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Oh no! I am so sorry that must have been scary! I hope he gets better quick!

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The same thing happened to my 10-month old nephew two weeks ago & he is fine now. Hope Taine is all better soon!

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wow, how stresssful. I wish you peace & rest and Taine a quick recovery!

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Oh my gosh I'm sorry you would have been so scared especially without any warning. Glad he's got the ABs now and is on the mend!

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So scary. My son has a seizure disorder and I remember when that first one hit - I was petrified!! I am so glad though your son will out grow these and hopefully never have another one. One second of a seizure feels like one hour to me. Take care!!