Spinoff-Coming home outfit

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Spinoff-Coming home outfit

The post about coming home outfit got me to thinking. Do you/will you let your little one wear the outfit only home from the hospital or will they wear it until they outgrow it? Also what other "special" items do you get for those first few days?

As for me my kiddos only wore their outfits home from the hospital then they got put away.I didnt wash them before putting them away I slid them into ziplock baggies and put them in a keepsake box.With Zachs I washed it before Josh wore it home. I also buy a special outfit for their hospital pictures as well as a special receiving blanket and thicker blanket for them to come home in.I use the thicker blanket but put the receiving blanket away since I tend to use those to change diapers on and to wipe up spit up and I dont want it stained lol.

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I had Jack wear his outfit till he outgrew it. It was a cute little outfit that a girlfriend of mine gave us-little Carter's pants with doggie feet, and a shirt with a doggie on it. The hat was WAY to big (surprising for my big headed kid) and the outfit was too big to-he was swimming in NB clothing because he was so skinny!!

I am sentimental, but not that much-I got a few pictures of him in his outfit and at home, so that's good enough for me. (I also was not in the best mental state after Jack's birth-I was still in shock from losing my father in law 3 weeks prior, in shock from having an induction/c-section, etc....hopefully this time is MUCH better!)

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First off, you are too cute with your questions! LOL! My four wore their outfits until they grew out of them. Then, I kept them as keepsakes. I probably will do the same for this LO too. Smile

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Jacob too wore his until he outgrew it and that is the one baby outfit I have saved. Just saw it the other day...I still love looking at it. We waiting 102 days for Jacob to come home from the NICU so when I put that outfit on him and brought it home it was just awesome! I love that you did not wash it and put it in a bag....I would be sniffing that bad all the time Smile

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I only saved baby #1's coming home outfit... and only because it cost so much money and wasn't something that could be washed and worn over and over or it would get ruined. I bought it at a very upscale specialty children's shop here in Vegas called Brats (I don't even know if they're in business anymore... sadly!) and couldn't bear the thought of something happening to it.

I do always put them in the cutest outfit that I can find for their hospital pics (which has become a huge money making scheme, IMHO!) and that is usually the outfit that they come home in, as my hospital kicks you out 24 hours after baby arrives if all is well (for vaginal birth, of course).

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I have to confess...I'm such a scattered first time Mom...I hadn't even THOUGHT about our little guy's coming home outfit until these recent threads. I'm pretty sure he'll wear it until he outgrows it.

But I might just want this for our take-me-home outfit:

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I have kept DS's one, but it is in with all his other clothing.

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With #1 it was a footed white velour type two piece outfit. I let her wear it for a while, but then when she started moving (at a few weeks she tried to crawl). The pants would bunch up and fall off. So it was in her closet until she outgrew it, but she didn't wear it past a few days.

#2's outfit was the same description, except it said "welcome to the world" and was not footed. He wore it until he was busting out of it. I think he was 9 months the last time he wore it and did one of the recreate the moment shots. it was funny to see! At our hospital they do they pictures the same day you go home, so we have tons of pictures of him in his outfit. As we were taking pictures, he peed through his diaper (remember always point it down!) His outfit was soaking wet. We didnt' have anything else though. Luckily there was a hand blow dryer in the bathroom, so we dried it. If we had just put it away after that, when the bag opened up in 20 years, my son might be like, "gross nb's stink like pee." Lol

This time I am pretty sure we will do the same type white outfit. My sort of thinking is that I will keep the outfits for them and maybe when they have their first child (girl or boy) that baby can still wear their outift because it is neutral.

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Corinne wore the outfit I was brought home in. I put it in her kepsake box. I don't know what we will do for this one!