Spotlight Thursday?

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Spotlight Thursday?

I was just lurking (stalking) the August '11 board and I noticed they are doing something called "hotseat Thursday." Once weekly, a designated board member sits in the "hot seat" and answers questions by other participants! Some questions I saw included "what is your favorite novel?" and "how many children would you like?"

Would anyone else be interested in starting something like this? I was thinking we could opt in only if we want to be featured and take turns being featured in the order we expressed interest. I'm quite confident all questions asked would be quite respectful, and there would always be the option to not answer questions that are perceived as too prying/offensive.

I think it sounds like fun!

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Sounds fun! I forgot about the 'hotseat'. We did this on some of my previous boards.

Count me in too!

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Here is a link to the example hotseat from Aug' 11:

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we did this on my other birth board. it was fun! it kind of fizzled out after a while but i guess that's to be expected. it was fun while it lasted though! i'm in Smile

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I would love to participate!

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Sure I'm in Smile

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Sounds like a great idea! Count me in Biggrin

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Count me in too!

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Awesome, I'm super happy there is interest. Unless someone else would like to, I'll start a post starring Sandra on Thursday. Participation is of course continously open. yay - this totally reminds me of those silly email quizzes/myspace quizzes from my middle school days.

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I am in! I love stuff like this and I love getting to know everyone better!

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