Starting to get more and more pink :)

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Starting to get more and more pink :)

It was so exciting today. I went to visit a friend this afternoon and she gave me a infant car seat (that was only used by one person so I know it was not in an accident) and cute vibrating, music playing bouncy chair and a bag of hand me downs. Then another friend gave me boxes of baby clothes. So much pink...I love it!!! I had so much fun going through it all...imagining in not to many months my baby will be wearing it. And so much of the stuff is newborn or between 0-6 was great. All this stuff in my house got me more excited..if that is meet my little lady!! There was this one little fancy dress that is just and red - size 0-3 months. Perfect for Christmas. That last two x-mas were spent going through a m/c so it will be so nice to have something new to celebrate this year!!!

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Aww, how exciting! It is SOOOO much fun to dress up little girls!!!

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Aww pink baby girl stuff is the absolute best! Enjoy!