still having another boy :)

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still having another boy :)

had my big u/s this morning and yep, it's still a boy! i was freaking out a little last night thinking, "omg what if the tech was wrong last time??" lol!

happy to report that everything was great. baby was not cooperating at all and wouldn't stop moving. a-ok with me. sounds like he'll be just like his brother and never stop moving...ever!

the word normal means so much to me. when i was pregnant with thomas there was ALWAYS something to have to worry about. at the big u/s he was measuring very small. the umbilical cord wasn't inserted properly. i was back and forth for growth scans every two weeks and getting NSTs every other day and all that nonsense.

so hearing "everything looks great. perfectly normal" was amazing.

it's so funny how things can turn out so normally when you WEREN'T planning a pregnancy! lol!

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Phew! I know it is wonderful to hear that the baby is "right on track"!

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Congradulations on a great u/s! I know what you mean about normal... After two losses and constant u/s telling me something was wrong, I am so happy that everything is "normal" with this pregnancy!

I'm really enjoying my pregnancy...I think because of the journey to get here. Normal rocks!

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Heck yes!!! Yay for normal! I'm hoping for the same thing as there were "soft markers" with DS and that was a lot of unnecessary stress...


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Yay! I'm so happy everything looks good and normal. And I'm glad you got your confirmation.

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Glad to hear your good news, Nancy.

Hey someone had a Disney question and I don't think you saw it. Look on page two of our threads. It is called "Disney". Thought you might be able to answer questions.

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Great news!!! I am with you. Even though I have a ton of appts etc. every time I go everything is great and normal.... you can't get better news than that!

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Fantastic news! Congrats on a happy healthy wriggling lil boy Smile