Stinky farts???

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Stinky farts???

So I think my milk is starting to come in. Baby has been doing great at the breast but today her poo started to change from the meconium to poo. Along with that she's gotten stinky farts and her poo is stinky. She gets very fussy before she passes a poo...snuggling her tummy on my chest and rubbing her back settles her down. But I can tell it hurts her because she draws her legs up and cries. Sad
Could this just be from the change from colostrum to milk? I'm going to talk to a nurse when they come in later too. Thanks!!

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Well I'm formula feeding but my child also has the worst gas!!!! We were using Enfamil Newborn but he was gassy and acted like his tummy hurt so I switched him to Enfamil Gentlease. It has helped his stomach but his poop and gas STINK. Yuck.

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Ohhhh-I remember the Gentle Ease--that was some stench inducing stuff!!! I hated the smell of Jack's burps, farts and poos with that stuff!!! We eventually ended up putting him on the AR stuff because he spat up even more with the GE...and the AR bound the poor kid. Beee
Nurse said it was normal and that some
Bf babies poo after each feeding. Which T has been doing. Smile

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Evan pooped ALLLLL the time at first Smile It was kind of nice - I never worried he wasn't eating enough Smile Watch this baby will be a rarely pooper and I'll freak out!

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OH Yeah we remember the merconium-dredge stinkies! PHEWY!!! That crossover period was a couple of stinky days, lots of gas & uncomfortable baby. Didn't take long for it to improve, there was a short period (like a day or so) when it was just sharts b4 he got into 'normal' gear. I was seriously starting to wonder if there was something wrong with my milk which was also coming in at the same time. Public Health nurse reassured us it was normal, the merc is really sticky so it takes some time to clear it all out, the more they nurse the better as it will help it wash through.

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I think what you are descrining sounds normal. But honestly I have never had to change a diaper in the first week of life Biggrin