Strangers know I'm pregnant!

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Strangers know I'm pregnant!

I went to Panera Bread this evening for my usual chicken noodle soup and Greek salad. I was waiting for my order when this lady walk passed me and said, "It's a boy! And he already loves you so much!"...and kept on walking. I was in shock! First of all she guessed correctly (50/50 odds ha) and then it dawned on me that I don't look like I ate too much! I actually look PREGNANT now! WOOT! :preggo:

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woohoo! Congrats Biggrin

Random: do you still get hit on by random dudes while visibly pregnant? Does it creep you out more than words can express? I do and it does. *pukes*

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There is a chef that I work with (I work in an assisted living) and he is constantly telling me how sexy pregnant women are and how he thinks I look so good. He also tries to touch my belly...and normally I don't mind that but he needs to keep his hands off! He has a wife too. I've thought about reporting him to my supervisor but I haven't. I just try to ignore him. :puke2:

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Wow that was weird about the lady! Makes me wonder if some people do have some psychic abilities? I am such a skeptic... Yayy for looking pregnant! I do look it too now and it is such a relief because until now, I looked like a fat Mama.

That's too bad about that chef at work... he better keep his hands off of you!

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i still have the two belly thing going on. like, i have a pooch above my belly button and then the preggo pooch below. i'm looking forward to looking like i'm pregnant and not just fat!

so funny that the lady knew it was a boy!

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My waist is super defined too, and stayed that way til the end with Melodie. Luckily the top part sticks out more so my clothes hang "round". It's nice to be able to bend over the whole time (although not exacxtly easy)

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Haha, that's awesome!!! Smile

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I guess some people are psychic...or just good guessers Wink

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I look preggo now and I wear mostly maternity these days which seems to give it away. Some lady guessed boy for me too but she "had to look at me from behind" she was definitely a bit odd and I tend to think she just guessed right Wink Another lady told me I'd enjoy 2 little boys she had 4 before she got her daughter and had to get a new husband to get the girl. LOL People love to share. Thankfully no creepers have hit on me I'd be WAY weirded out! I think I'd be telling the guy at work to buzz off or reporting him! ICK!

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Whoa that is pretty weird she guessed right. I like this part of pregnancy, where it's becoming unmistakable that we're PG and not just fat, lol. It actually annoys me when I put on an outfit that hides my belly Smile

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Its pretty obvious now that I am preggo. However, my dad's neighbor who knew I was pregnant, and is a really good natured ball-busting type of guy came up to me and said "Annie, you really need to lay off the food honey" and hugged me and gave me a big congratulations at that point. He's a great guy and was joking, otherwise he would have gotten punched in the face!

I haven't been hit on yet, but at the playground, I've gotten some looks from guys. Well, the "girls" have gotten the looks". I like v-neck tops, and they accent the growth I've experienced up top quite a bit. It still creeps me out because I am usually out with my son and wearing my wedding rings.

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Hands off dude:puke2:! I too look prego now, the thing about popping is true for me lol. one day I was fat and the next very prego :animalrooster: I love my maternity clothes Smile Good luck at work

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I've looked preggo for a long time LOL. Darn this belly popping out so soon!

I am only 2 weeks further along than my SIL (she's due late November) and I am showing WAYYYYY more than her. It's only her 2nd baby though, and her first DS was a small-ish baby. It's just funny because she's barely starting to show and I have been showing since 7 weeks LOL.