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Stress Stress Stress - Vent

Well I've returned back to university this week after our 3 week break. Both of my lecturers are away so I'm not having to travel into Hamilton, but I have course outlines to look over. I am studying 3 papers this time round instead of the 2, and I have just realised that the workload is HUGE :eek:

I'm having a wee meltdown at the amount of work which is expected of us, we have weekly assignments for all three papers on top of tests, group assignments and presentations. I'm worried I won't be able to complete the work - It's so hard when you have a 19month old demanding your attention, being pregnant, and running a household! On top of that SO is having to travel 2 nights a week to his course so those nights are out for study. I am aiming for high marks this semester as baby may come before exams, so my overall marks will be based on the other class members exam marks and my internal marks.

Right vent all done, just needed it off my chest.

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Venting is OK, that's what we're here for!

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School is so stressful! I can't even being to imagine what it is like for you. I thought I'd go nuts in nursing school...and I didn't have a 19 mo old, a hubby, and a pregnancy to take care of.

GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO THIS! Just take it One. Day. At. A. Time. Don't look too far ahead. That is what will overwhelm you.

I would make my semester schedule with due dates of all projects, papers, assignments, etc. Then I would glance at it occasionally. But I would focus on what was due each coming week and then start doing tasks daily. It was the only way to keep my sanity.

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I'm sorry Sad

I second Jenny's sentiment - I think I'll probably be overwhelmed just dealing with a 19 month old, let alone all the other stuff!

good luck and come back to vent whenever you need to!

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That sounds like a tonne, my DH is taking his MBA right now correspondence and I get stressed for him, lol. Just try to think head down, tail up, tackle those assignments one at a time.

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Oh boy! I think I would go nuts!

You can do it!!! Just take it one day at a time.

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It's so stressful...the workload! Somehow as mothers and women, we seem to muster up the strength to get it done! Take it easy on yourself...but I'm with the others...You can do this!! Smile

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I am so sorry that school is overwhelming you. Hugs. I do like Jen's idea!