Summer05/Rae Had her baby!!

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Summer05/Rae Had her baby!!

Just got the text message! Summer had her baby: Liam Hewitt, born 7 lbs 11 oz, 21" inches long. The text message says 11:25 a.m., although I'm not sure if it's typed correctly because her husband was having texting problems Smile Mom and baby are doing fine though...



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Yay!! Finally another baby!! Can't wait to see pics and a birth story!!

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Hooray! COngrats to Rae and family!

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Congratulations Rae and family. Welcome baby Liam!

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Yay!!!! Another baby is here!!! Can't wait for pics and story!!

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Welcome baby Liam! Can't wait for the birth story - I love birth stories Smile

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Welcome baby Liam,great name too:)

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Congratulations, Rae and family! What a perfect-sized baby!

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Congrats Rae!!! And welcome baby Liam...cant wait to see pictures