Sunniva's Birth Story

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Sunniva's Birth Story

Well, since the baby is still sleeping I thought I'd take a minute to write down her birth story.

Sunniva Anne M.
Born December 1st, 11:25 P.M
8 lbs 9 oz.
20 inches

I was running around all day on the 1st cause my DS broke his arm and we had to get his cast put on, etc. and I wasn't thinking the baby would be born any time soon. That evening, though, I started feeling contractions around 6:30 P.M. They started out about 10-15 minutes apart, so I wasn't sure it was going to turn into actual labor.

I went over to DH and MIL though, to make sure they knew all the things we needed to do with the kids preschool the next day. They kind of ignored me so I said, "Are you listening? I am trying to make sure you guys know what to do cause I am having contractions!" That got their attention. Smile

Anyway, I decided to take a shower since the contractions weren't stopping, and I finished packing my hospital bag. DH got the boys to bed and we told MIL it looked like we would be leaving. Around 10:00 the contractions were about 2-4 minutes apart and getting stronger, so I called the hospital and headed over there at 10:30. By the time I got there (it's only a block away) I was in a lot of pain, and every time I had a contraction I would get down on my hands and knees cause it was a lot more comfortable that way.

When I got to L & D they asked me some questions & put me in an exam room. At that point I could barely get into the gown cause it was so painful to move. Finally they got the monitor strapped around me and did an exam. Lo and behold I was already at 9 cm! I was really surprised things were going so fast, cause the pain wasn't really any worse than when I got to the hospital with DS2 and I was only 6 cm that time.

So I was like, "Is there time for an epidural? I want drugs!" and the doctor said, "Maybe, let's get you into the delivery room and start an IV." I really could not get off my hands and knees, so they wheeled me into the delivery room and I crawled onto the table. At that point I was like, "I'm pushing!" and I started screaming. For some reason the screaming was totally unconscious and uncontrollable. With one push, my water broke, and with the next the baby was one her way out. The nurse was in there by herself & she started pushing the emergency button, and the doctor barely made into the room in time to catch the baby. Smile I was still on my hands and knees, so they held her while I lay down on the bed and then put her on my chest. Her hands and feet were a little blue but other than that she looked great!

All I had was a small tear & didn't even need stitches. It was kind of nice that I could get up and walk around basically right afterwards, since I didn't have an epidural. Right now we are doing great, working on breastfeeding, which she has been having a hard time with. Hopefully soon she will get her latch figured out and I won't get chewed on so much! Smile

I'll post pics when I can!


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Good job Momma! Hope the latch problems work out soon. Maybe try taking her to the chiropractor. It worked wonders for my youngest grandson! Biggrin

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no stitches?? color me jealous! so glad that part was easy...

oh and i SO know what you mean about the whole screaming thing. if you read my birth story you will see that there was NO WAY i was going to be able to shut my mouth! lol!

congrats on the new little girl! how are the boys taking to her?

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I am also jealous of the no stitches! Congrats, sounds like you had a great birth!

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Yours was fast like mine! I totally expected it to take a while once we got to the hospital but he broke my water and literally in minutes I went from 7cm-10 and he told me to push! And I'm also jealous about no stitches!

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Quick labor! I love it! Congradulations!

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Wow that was really quick & 1 push! Glad you were able to avoid stitches, she is a pretty big girl too. I guess this was your first time with no epi? TFS!

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wow that was awesome! congratulations. if you do it again, epi or no epi?

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Wow - that was quick. Great job! Congrats!!

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What a powerful labor! Wow, good job Mama! And what a good-sized babe, good job growing her Wink

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What a short and sweet birth story! Congrats on the birth of your baby princess!! I'm sure she'll get the hang of BF!