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What supplies do you still need for baby? I am happy to say that all I need is one more bag of newborn diapers (I have one bag but want a second, I've got four bags is size one too) and a box if wipes just in case (I make my own baby wash and usually use washable cloths to reduce chemicals) when baby hits size two I'll be on to washable dupes.

I'd also like a couple of gowns but everywhere seems to be out of girl models so I have to wait until they're restocked.

Right now everything is shoved in a closet but maybe tomorrow I'll take it out for a picture!!!

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Wow you are so organised!

I have one packet of newborn diapers, lol I think I need to go buy a box! I still have to buy wipes - I am getting muslin cloth ones off an auction site and using them right from the start since ds is in cloth diapers.

Still need a diaper bag, but fingers crossed I get something at our bbq we are having instead of a baby shower. I have sorted out everything to go into it for the birth center, just need the bag.

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I have one tiny pack of newborn diaps - assuming this boy is as big as Evan was the NB size doesn't really work. At 9 lb 5 oz Evan wore NB

I have clothing set from Evan. He'll sleep in the pnp initially and we have that. We have batteries in the vibrating chair that work. I think that's it LOL I need to wash everything. And figure out if I want to make a second bedroom but I keep telling myself I have time LOL

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Well thankfully my mom took me out shopping for Trystan last week and I got well stocked up on things! I still need a tub, q-tips, and diapers. The diapers will get taken care of if I decide to let my mom give me a shower, as I'll do a diaper shower instead of asking for gifts... and I still have to get his crib set, but I guess that doesn't fall under the "supplies" category lol!

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LOL, I have nothing.

Well, I have everything that I usually use for my other kiddos (wipes, shampoo, etc) but I guess we should pick up some diapers sometime. I'm not sure if I should get any NB size, since this babe is likely to be 10 lbs. Maybe I'll get a couple packs of size 1's and once I see how big baby is I can decide whether or not to use NB size. We have a drugstore only a block away so it's not a huge deal to send DH out for diapers.

The only other thing I need to pick up is pacifiers I guess.

Of course, I haven't even begin to organize and set up the crib/dresser/baby clothes, so that has to be done too! We likely won't get to it until mid October.

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Wow....I am so impressed by your readiness. I am so behind it is scary!!! DH seems to think we have "plenty" of time...but I keep trying to tell him with twins we never really know what to expect with each OB/MFM visit. I am on house arrest (which is so much better than bed rest) but when I do "too" much (which is, like, anything!) my back aches for hours or I get BH for hours. Sigh. I am trying to push him to help me get ready. He has been such a great help, but doesn't understand how much we really need to do. For example, we don't yet have CAR SEATS. Kinda important supply, don't ya think? :confused:We do have cribs, a swing and pack and play and a bunch of size 1-2 diapers. And sweet MIL bought us an awesome double stroller and some adorable clothes. However, I have a lot more things on my list. Ugh.

All will be well. Let's just hope these twinsies don't come early--or that I don't go back on bedrest.....

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I need to get the parts for the breast pump. Other than that I just need diapers, maybe a carrier.

Maybe I'll get a couple of bottles or pacifiers in case this baby will actually take them. (That would be nice!)

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I'm only prepared because the dr said the baby is coming in five to six weeks 8-0 I need to have everything ready so I can get organizing as soon as the floors and shelves are installed downstairs. It's going to be a HUGE job getting everything done at the snails pace I move at so ivdoubt I'll have time to shop in the next few weeks. I did splurge on a new peant shaped nursing pillow. I hope it's more comfortable than my boppy one.

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I really need to figure out what I still need. Baby will for sure be here in 6 weeks and I think I have alot but not sure what I all need. I am hoping that in the next week or two I will find the time to sit down and figure it all out...then go and get everything.

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I'm on my phone so forgive me for mistakes.
I have gone thru the clothes we have been given, and Jack's newborn/tiny clothing. We are pretty good. Got a cute coming home outfit.
I need some sposie diapers-probably a small pack of nb, then more size 1. I will probably go to BJ's and get a big ol' box of wipes for both kids. I plan on using cloth with baby, but need the back up of disposables for Dh and when we are out alot. I guess I should get or make a wetbag too.
I've got the swing, bouncer, boppy, bassinet, infant car sear,pnp, wrap, etc. from Jack. I also have bottles and a pump. I need to pick up some burp cloths though.
No crib yet, no double stroller yet. And that's what I am fixating on. I feel like I'm neglecting this child because I am not doing "anything" to prepare for this one--to the point where I was in years yesterday. Dh promised we would find a crib this weekend but I am not so sure we are going to. I may go by myself to find one, and buy it if he doesn't take me shopping today!!!

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Wow - sounds like we're all pretty on the ball!

I think I've sort of hit nesting burnout - the weather is hotter than it ever should be in the Pacific NW, and we (like most other people in these parts) don't have AC. I'm spending my days sitting in front of a fan and begging SO to take my to someplace - anyplace - air conditioned. Biggrin

I need to buy:
granny panties/maxi pads/birth bag snacks (but those aren't really for baby)
diaper pail
clothes hamper
a few squeeze bottles
dry racks.

And I THINK that is it!

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Jasmine--if the squeeze bottles are for your lady bits after labor, many hospitals give them to you, so it may be a good idea to ask (I know they're not that expensive, but its one less thing to worry about.). The hospital I was at also supplied a bunch of pp pads, but I remember I ended up sending DH out for some and he didn't get the right that's another good thing I need to put on my list.

I completely forgot about the granny panties. I found some underwear that has worked great for me this pregnancy, Jockey Elance bikinis, I got them at Kohls. I have to see where the waist falls and maybe pick up a few of their high cut briefs or something for after baby, if the waist falls where my incision is going to be.

OH, and wonderful news! WE FOUND OUR CRIB. Not the one I posted earlier. We felt some of the same brand ones at the baby store and didn't like them. So we went to the baby boutique store today and found that they had a couple sets on clearance, so we found this We are getting it in the cherry finish. And we're getting a couple other pieces to have for when we move, but we will use them in our bedroom till then! Woot! I am feeling so much better now.

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We still need a few things..

Crib mattress
Baby monitor
One pacifier (to have on hand just in case)
Nipple cream (pour moi)

I still have things on my registry that we haven't gotten yet but I still have 3 :eek: showers in the next four weeks so hopefully that will take care of everything. Then I will reevaluate after the last shower on Oct 2nd and make my list of things that we still need. My goal is to have Carter's room and supplies stocked and ready to go by Oct 10th.