Survived Disneyland!

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Survived Disneyland!

And it was amazing!!! We loved every minute of it! Imnow at the other side of the west coast with my family. I met my new teeny tiny nephew. He's doing well but still only four pounds or so. He's breathing on his own and nursing so all is well!

My dh informed me he bought us a spa so that should be installed by the rime I get home next week. It's my "push present", but I think it's more for him than me lol!!!

Off to Seattle shopping on Tuesday home o bthursday. Hope you ladies are doing fine!

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So glad you had a great time! I love Disneyland (I love it even more not pregnant lol!)!

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SPA! sounds nice Smile I havent been to disneyland in so long. Glad you had fun and your nephew is doing well.

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Glad you had a great time!!

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Gratz on the great trip and the new spa!!!

Be sure to share details about your shopping trip! Biggrin

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That's such good news to hear you met your wee nephew and he's doing well. Glad you had a gr8 time at Disney too! Have fun shopping. I'll bet you'll enjoy that spa almost as much as DH Smile

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Lurker. Doing Disney World in 2 weeks! I will be almost as far along as you when you went, so I'm hoping to have a good time too, and survive! I'm walking every day while pushing my 36 lb DS in a stroller as a way to condition myself leading up to it! Here's hoping I hold up.

A spa!!! That's so awesome!

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Hey! Congrats! I didn't know you were pregnant again. I am glad you enjoyed Disneyland. I am trying to decide if that is our next trip or if we will be going to WDW again. Smile