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Am I the only one still swaddling? As soon as she's swaddled, Maya is asleep within two minutes so I am hesitant to stop doing it. The only problem is that she seems to be able to get out of it and sometimes I find the blanket on her face Sad I now swaddle her in a crocheted blanket that has tons of holes so that she can still breathe through it if she does wiggle out but its still worrisome.

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I use the swaddleme with velcro and he's definitely still swaddled. He sometimes wriggles a hand free but mostly stays put. I swaddled my first until about 4 months and Rory is much more restless than Evan was

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Sometimes when Keira is flailing a lot I will swaddle her and sometimes that helps, other times I find that she gets to hot when she is swaddled and can't be covered by anything in order for her to get to sleep.

If the swaddling works then I would do it until it no longer works. If Keira would fall asleep within 2 minutes then I would keep doing it as well.

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Landon has to be swaddled to fall asleep. My 4 year old was swaddled to sleep until he was about 6 months old ( that was a sight cause he was HUGE lol) I made some bigger blankets to swaddle him in cause receiving blankets suck and I am not into those swaddleme blankets. A yard of flannel print fabric and a sewing machine gave me cute (big lol) blankets to swaddle in.I swaddle my kids tight always have.Landon can get arms out but the rest of him stays in. I put him in a thing sleeper so he doesnt get over heated.

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I am surprisingly not swaddling Em as much as I did my others. My DD was swaddled for EVERY nap and bedtime until she was 5 months old. DS until he was about 3 months old. With Em, I swaddled all the time until he was about a month old, then I (unconsciously) started only doing it occasionally. Now he is rarely swaddled - I don't even know what made me stop! I don't think Em likes it as much as my others did. It will still calm him down pretty quickly if he is upset but he has started to fight it, so I rarely do it anymore.

I say if baby likes it, no harm done! It was kind of hard to wean DD off the swaddle though, so I'm glad I don't have to worry about that this time.

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I am swaddling. Jack was swaddled till he almost 5 months old. At that point, the swaddleme wrap was around his waist, and his arms were free, but it still helped him. Trinity likes to have her left arm free, and sometimes she wiggles her other hand free, but it helps her settle down nicely, and she sleeps from 11-6 usually. Smile

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I stopped swaddling Trystan around three weeks, as he could get out of it and it would be over his head. That freaked me out enough to stop. Thankfully T has no problems going to sleep.

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We actually stopped around 6-ish weeks? Laszlo is a sweaty little dude - just a thin sleeper is usually all he needs. Plus, we co-sleep at night and I wear him during naps at day so I like having his limbs free to "fend' for himself Smile

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I kinda wish we were still swaddling. I had a couple of large flannel blankets we can still use, they were handmade gifts. We were swaddling arms out (I blame DH for starting that trend) so even when he did kick out of it he was still laying on it and we never found even the corners on his face. We use a grobag type zip blanket now, but it doesn't have the snug comfort feeling - DS does not seem to mind anymore, he is more interested in kicking anyway. PM me your address and I'll mail you a 6m swaddle-me!

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we use the swaddle me at night. Works great and he cannot get out. I've co-slept w/him w/o a swaddle and his arms flail around so much. At night, swaddled, I get 7-hours straight out of him....so not stopping until the arms calm down

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We are not swaddling anymore, but sometimes I will wrap him and leave his arms out. But he sleeps on his tummy because of his reflux. He is just so uncomfortable on his back, even on the crib wedge.

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we swaddle occassionally. it is supposed to help with his hypersensitivity. we use a swaddle me or small fleece blankets. I like those better than recvng blankets because they sort of stick together like velcro.