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What symptoms is everyone currently having? THis pregnancy has been alot harder for me than the first and I have had tons more is my list:

-braxton hicks contractions (sometimes painful) for the last month
-leaking colostrum for the last few weeks
-very frequent bathroom trips
-leg cramps
-aching perineum
-swelling is picking up

I wonder what I will get next????

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I had cramps the other day. So bad that in called the doc and he had me come in for a cervix check and also did a test for pre term labor. :eek: test was negative thank god. My stomach just feels so big the last couple of days and heavy. A friend said that with your second you often feel bigger. I feel like this guy is so much lower than my last pregnancy.

Other than that I'm ok. Just this weird stomach feeling. I wonder if a support belt would help?

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I've got....(this could get TMI!!!!)

-tons of Braxton Hicks. They aren't painful really, but mighty uncomfortable, and they happen SO often! I'm not used to that.
-pubic bone pain. This has been going on since I was about 3-4 months preggo. My pubic area is so sore!
-swollen perineum Sad
-leaking colostrum onto my bra for the last few weeks
-lots of discharge "down there"
-swollen hands and feet (not extreme, but I haven't worn my wedding rings since I was about 2 months pregnant!)
-rib pain on the right side. This is really bad! Maybe I have terrible posture, but I can't seem to get my ribs to stop hurting unless I lay down.

This is by far the most physically difficult pregnancy I've had. It's manageable, but not very much fun!

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Its so nice not to be the only one thank you!
sciatica on my left side
increase in migraines
siliac back pain
horrible calf cramps at night
(TMI) and I cant seem to hold a fart in if my life depened on it!:Whistle: rofl

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This little man is alot lower than my first too Nancy!!! I am just bigger this time around but not much more weight gain than around this time as last time...
Oh and I pee myself if I laugh, cough or sneeze...if it gets any worse I am going to start wearing a Poise pad (I have some on had at home LOL)

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*BH, usually every day
*Leg cramps at night occasionally
*Constipation (I have to take Colace every single day)
*Sometimes I get sharp pains down in my hoo-ha...labia area
*Peeing all. the. time.
*Burping frequently after meals
*Fingers and hands swollen (I can't wear a size Medium glove at work anymore)
*My face has gotten really oily

(TMI) and I cant seem to hold a fart in if my life depened on it! rofl

ROFL Let it out! No sense in even trying to hold it in

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OMG!!! I am so miserable at times....:( And to think I have 10 (or more) weeks left? What else can start?!

-Heartburn/reflux OUT of control. I cannot sleep lying down--have been in the recliner for weeks.
-Pubic pain--very sharp!
-Gas...and gas pain
-CONSTIPATION is horrible...I am taking 2 Colace a day and trying to increase my fiber...with very "little" results KWIM.
-BH out of control!! Almost went to L & D two days ago as I was having them every 7-12 minutes for a few hours. Miserable--even though they don't hurt. Luckily Cervix is still long and closed.
-ligament pain--really bad when I sneeze or cough especially.
-Back pain:( Horrible. Doctor prescribed percoset, which I try to take only rarely, but sometimes it is the only thing if heat and rest aren't cutting it.
-frequent urination (like up 4-5 times a night already!)
-Swelling in feet and hands--again, isn't this too early in pregnancy for that?!
--oh, almost forgot: bloody noses. Starting having those 2 weeks ago. About 3 times a week for (seemingly) no apparent reason. Joy. No one prepared me for that one!

The joys of pregnancy, eh? I keep reminding myself: "It will all be worth it, it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it!":)

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I have had bloody nose, just not recently. NEVER has that with DS!!!!

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My only issue is my back, and has been almost the whole pregnancy. My sciatic nerve is killing me, and makes it very uncomfortable for me to do just about anything, from sleeping to walking around. Why does this baby hate me so much lol?!?!?!