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Jasmine - I just saw you comment on your tattoos and I was curious...if you want to share. How many do you have? Do they have a special meaning?

Does anyone else have any tattoos? I like them but don't have any. I just watched the episode where Kat Von D got a tattoo of Jesse when they were engaged...and now they are separated...that would suck!

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I haven't got any at this point. I think I will look at getting a couple of butterflies on my shoulder blade to represent ds and lo.

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I love tattoos... I have 4 ... i have tweety bird on my upper thigh.. meaning...well i used to nanny for this little girl (she's 21 now Smile ) and when i was taking care of her she knew i love tweety bird so she got me a necklaces... so i used that to get that one.. my second one is on my right ankle and it's of Eeyore... a crazy in same Disney Winnie the pooh fan :)... my third is on my left upper thigh and it's a teddy bear holding a heart with a banner in his hands with my hubby's initials ... meaning... well it's my hubby's name and i love teddy bears and he's my big teddy bear... and i got his initials so that way if we broke up it would be able to cover it up .... and finally the last one is on my left calf and its two dragons and their heads are touching each other and the bodies form a heart shape... meaning... well it took my hubby and i 8 years to get pregnant and we fought and stayed strong and dragons are very strong and the only way you can kill them is by ripping out their hearts so once darian is born his name is going to go in between the two of them Smile i want more but the hubby doesn't want a tattooed freak Smile lol

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I have this tattoo on my shoulder/arm area. (Like where sailors get anchors tattooed on their arms!)

I love the story behind the art -- (true story of the artist)

The mother in the picture says to her daughter, "Look, Mona, I can make it rain!" and she shakes the tree with the umbrella and the little girl thinks her mother is magic and can make it rain. They naturally had a very close relationship and enjoyed a lot of silly moments like that.

One day, suddenly, the mother died. The family discovered (via a note in the living will, I think) she had been secretly living with an inoperable cancer. She hid it from everyone -- including her daughter -- so that people could enjoy her life while she was living and not think about her death everyday.

When the daughter grew up, she became a singer and wrote a song about her mother (and drew this picture to accompany the song). The song is called "Thank You" and in the song she thanks her mother for living so selflessly and living what life she had to the fullest.

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To me, it symbolizes a lot of personal things, including the way I wish to live my life and allow my "kids to be kids", and not torture them with grown up worries.

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My son's name is Cable, and I was considering getting a 2 or 3-prong cable (think, like, audio/video "yellow white red" cable) tattooed around my arm or on my side. He isn't specifically named after a power chord, of course, but it would be a neat symbol of his name without "writing out his name".

And I'm a little eccentric Smile

The only "problem" is that I feel my to-be daughter will be jealous if I don't do something on my body for her. Her name is going to be Moxie...maybe the logo from Moxie Cola?

I fear I'm going to look like Kat Von D when all is said and done!

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I've got four. I have a dragon on my ankle from when I was 18. I liked dragons! I still do. I have a Grateful Dead skull tattoo on my left shoulder blade-I got that a month after Jerry Garcia died. I never got to see a dead concert, but really really love the music...the inside is a yin-yang instead of a lightning bolt...I have a black tribal U shaped tat on my lower back, and then I have a tribal/celtic circle that is colored in blues and greens directly above that. No meanings, just really liked them. The last one in the list I got my senior year in college. My good buddy came up to visit and we were at a bar with a few other friends and he said "Annie, I've got a fantastic idea--lets go get tattoos tomorrow!" I said "sure-sounds great!" and blew off my last few undergrad classes with him and a couple other friends to get inked. My friend Danny did it--I wish I knew how to contact him now, I hear he has a shop a couple hours away...

I want more. But hubby says he wants his tattoo before I get any more. Plus, I have to wait till I am not pregnant or bf'ing to get one. Smile

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I have 3.

My first one is the japanese symbol for passion on my hip. Hurt like hell... lol

My second one is a Group of stars on my ankle (wanted it on the top of my foot) Just cause I love being a star. Smile

My 3rd is an angel wing and a demon wing attached on my shoulder blade, It says below it in Greek, "God will always protect me" And it has a celtic knot in the middle. My fav!!

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I know this will sound silly but I'm scared of needles. I'd rather stick someone that be stuck. So no tattoos for me!

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"Jenni Beth" wrote:

I know this will sound silly but I'm scared of needles. I'd rather stick someone that be stuck. So no tattoos for me!

Like everyone else, I've had blood drawn by a few clumsy phlebotomists or nurses in my time. I can pick a reputable, steady-handed tattoo artist, but I can't pick my phlebotomist! Its all personal preference, but AFM -I'd rather get a tattoo than give blood Wink

I have 8 tattoos. I dated a tattoo artist for a while, so he did 6 of my pieces. They all have some symbolism.

I have a poem on the majority of my back, by Lady Mirasaki (author of the Tales of Genjii, the first novel ever written). My arms are almost completely covered. Right arm, I have a huge peacock, a peony and a fleur de lis. Left arm is an asian-inspired fan, cherry blossoms, a koi and a symbol for winter solstice.

One benefit to my tattoos is that they aren't visible in a business suit/long sleeved shirt. I doubt I'll ever work in a corporate setting again, but I don't plan on getting any that can't be covered. Plus, almost everyone in the Pacific NW corner of the US has tattoos!

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Lol it's her fault that they're broken up now! You would think that a tattoo artist would know better than to put a name or a pic of a BF on herself! She jinxed it! I have three tattoos and was on my way to getting more when I found out I was pregnant again. I have at least three more that I want to get... something with the kids, a pic of Bettie Page drawn by Olivia (one of my fav artists!), and stars. No idea where any of these will go, but I'll figure it out lol! Right now I have a butterfly and my name in Hawaiian on my lower left leg (got it in Hawaii), a treble cleff inside of a burning sun on my lower back (tramp stamp lol), and a "P" in calligraphy on the back of my neck (the first letter of my last name... maiden and married lol)...

I also have gone through numerous piercings. I've had my tongue and my navel, although I took both of those out for various reasons. I have four holes in each ear, including the top of the ear, and my nose is pierced.