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Test Results

My doctor FINALLY called me back with the gestational diabetes test results (the test was done TEN days ago). Everything is normal. Just as I knew it would be. After drinking that sugary drink my little boy was going crazy. I was sittinging in the waiting room and he was kicking and moving so much that other patients were staring at my belly. When I got back to see the doctor his HR was 160 :eek: and she said "Wow, your baby has a sugar buzz".

So everything is going okay. My fundal height was a few days ahead. Part of me thinks this baby will come before November. I've been having BH contrax on and off.

We're going to be leaving for Hilton Head, SC early in the morning. I'm so excited to get away from work and just relax for a week! Prenatal massage is for the week after that. Then comes baby showers and maternity pics. These next months are going to fly by.

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Great news Jenni. I know your gut was telling you all was fine, so at lest you're justified and more importantly healthy. ITA it does seem sooooo stupid to give a pregnant woman a tonne of sugar for breakfast, bleagh. No fair them giving Carter his first sugar buzz either. Oh well now you can go on holidays and not wonder. Have a great week!!

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Congrats Jen! It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun over the next few months!

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Great news...enjoy your time away!