Those who had a csection

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Those who had a csection

Did you or do you have back pain? I have this constant back pain where they put the spinal and I don't remember this with my other two. I have to sit with a pillow on my back and I still use my maternity pillow when I sleep because my back hurts so bad. Any one else with this problem? I really don't want to take pain meds. For it but its starting to sound really good right now. Everything I do doesn't relieve this pain/pressure I have.

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I didn't have a c/s but I do have occasional back pain from where my epidural was placed. It doesn't last very long and isn't too painful. I usually take Tylenol and it goes away. You might want to mention it to your doctor though because it sounds like you may have some nerve damage.

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I second what Jenn said. I also didn't have a c-section, but I did have an epi and had pretty bad back pain for about the first week. Don't feel bad about taking the pain meds for it, that's what they're there for! Don't live with pain if you don't have to...

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what is the pain like? After my first birth. I occassionally got a pointy type pain exactly where my epi went in. I blamed it on the epi until I was told it actually comes from gall bladder pain.

My story in short. I never had problems with my gb, until the second tri of my first pregnancy. I was diagnosed with 'crystals' in my GB and told to get it taken out. I thought surgery during pregnancy was too risky. So I chose to wait. I didn't have any attacks (yes I had that pain, but none of the horrible attacks) until I got my bfp with #2. That day it was one of the worst. But again, nothing I coudl do. Luckily I only had the back pain throughout the pregnancy. As soon as I had the baby, it got bad, really bad. I was getting the attacks all the time.

In less than two years I went from crystals to lots full on big gall stones. I had it taken out when #2 was young. I couldn't take the pain. Anyway, changes in estrogen can cause gall bladder problems. I heard that girl pregncies are much worse than boy pregnancies(#1 was a girl) and that the time after giving birth to a boy is worse than girl (#2 was a boy).

With my GB, it was not affected by food. I could eat the exact same thing 2 days in a row, one day have it the other day not. I really suggest if it is the type pain I explained. If that is what it is like, I really suggest going to the dr for an u/s. I hope it isn't that though.

You may not be able to walk without bending over. Sometimes the pain radiates
through to the back shoulder blade on the right side or in the middle between
the shoulder blades. This is pain from the gallbladder referring to the back of
the shoulder. This back shoulder blade chest pain is one of the most common yet
unknown symptoms of a gallbladder disorder. This can come and go or be constant.
It may be sharp, excruciating or dull. It may also occur especially at


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I have not had that type of pain with either of my c-sections...good luck!

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The pain is a constant pressure like pain, almost like it needs to pop but it feels too sore to even try. I hope it's not anything serious like something to do with my gallbladder. Both ny sisters had to have theirs removed and I know that is non fun. I ran out of time today to call the dr.s office so I'll just call tomorrow. I can't believe how fast the day goes by now!

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I've also got pain where my epi was placed. It pops up when I bend over in a specific way, so strange.

But let us know what the Doctor has to say!