For those of you with morning or all day sickness

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For those of you with morning or all day sickness

I started gravol and maalox today and got THREE meals in and drank a liter and a half of liquid. Ive been averaging a chicken breast and 2 cups of liquid for the last three weeks and have lost 14 pounds, so this is INCREDIBLE. I also feel somewhat normal. Whether this will last or not I dont know, but if you are puking your brains out it might be worth a try!!

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What is Gravol? I've never heard of it.

Someone turned up the M/S this week for me. Yup...ALL DAY sickness. Lost 5 lbs so far...

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Gravol must be a canadian brand.. its non prescription medicine for motion sickness.

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My m/s has been improving the last week, but we have done a lot of driving today and i'm feeling crud again. I think I should try a motion sickness pill or some description.

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Oh good news!I really hope you get permanent relief.