For those of you who are crafty

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For those of you who are crafty

I was pointed to this website by another momma. It has free PDF patterns that you can use to make cute stuff for your baby. As if we have time to sew and stuff. haha!

Anyhow, I wanted to share with all of you.

If I get the time, I plan on making some matching fleece pants for the kids for Christmas. And some extras for DS for his Jammies and running around the house in the winter.

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These look super cute!

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really cute stuff! sure wish i knew how to sew!

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Cool! I haven't sewn anything since DD3 was born! LOL!!!

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Cute! Thanks for sharing this. I have some fleece I want to do something with. I'm going to try a few things.

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Thanks for posting this- I am going to try out a few - if it fails then I will take
it to grandmas Smile

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I am heading to Joann's tomorrow with a 25% off your purchase coupon--I will be buying some stuff to get crafty with...not that I have the time, or a machine that's working too well right now (but I can borrow my sisters or sister in law's machine...)

I am glad that you guys liked the link. Smile