The times we live in...

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The times we live in...

I have been hearing stories about moms selling their pumped breast milk on craigs list (or other sites) and making major $$$$$.

What do you gals think about this?

Personally, I would never purchase it...but I'm not sure how I feel about selling it. I guess this falls in the same line as selling eggs/sperm. But those go through quality control tests. On craigs list you have nothing to ensure that the seller isn't passing something harmful on to your baby. I wonder if the FDA or government will have to step in and regulate this.

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I can't say that I'd buy a stranger's milk. I would donate mine to banks -- if I didn't hate overproducing and plugged ducts etc But there are some cool donation programs out there:

and I would love to do that if I could regulate my supply over produce and not be miserable.

On the flip side after 14 months of nursing my son it was a lot less personal......if that makes sense. I wouldn't feed him anyones milk anymore than I'd find a drink on the street and drink it myself. But if a good, known friend gave him her BM someone I knew....I don't think it would bother me. It's only food and in a bind I'd have no problem feeding her kid and wouldn't be bothered if she fed mine....but before Evan that probably would have seemed REALLY bizarre to me. After all the nursing it's lovely bonding and really nice but mostly my baby nursed to EAT and it became very matter of fact....part of the day...

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Michelangelo was fed by a wet nurse. See, people have been buying BM for centuries! LOL.

I would never, ever, ever purchase breast milk for my child off Craigslist or from a private, unknown donor. I think my biggest fear is that the seller would adulterate the breast milk (with soy milk or formula or something worse) to increase their profit.

That being said, I'd be super happy to breastfeed a friend or family member's child or even donate to a bank if circumstances were right. I'd have no issue with my child taking breast milk from someone I knew and trusted.

I can't pretend to know anything about the world of breast milk banking... I know that it is basically exorbitantly expensive to purchase. Seems to me like we need more private banks, where donors are compensated, milk is regulated and private buyers can have regular access.

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My biggest fear would be diseases. STD's like HIV and AIDS can be passed along to babies in breast milk. That just scares me.

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"annestacy" wrote:

My biggest fear would be diseases. STD's like HIV and AIDS can be passed along to babies in breast milk. That just scares me.

I feel the same way!

I have no problem donating to a friend or getting milk from someone I was veryvery close to. But no way in 10000000 years would I buy it off craigs list!

Some of these women are making an extra $1000 a month just from selling it.

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Craigslist? Really? It's like a black market for everything nowadays! I couldn't see myself buying anything ingestible or edible on craigslist.

I am definately pro donate to a reputable bank.

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I have heard of the banks, but hadn't realized it has hit CL. I mean what if it isn't even breast milk? What if someone is seling cow's milk and claiming it is breast milk to an unsuspecting parent.

I wouldn't mind donating, but the idea of using someone else's breast milk grosses me out. I understand some families want to give their child the best, but can't for whatever reason, adopting a baby, mother doesn't produce, etc. I am weird about bodily fluids, so I don't think it would be for me. I know that the milk is tested at the banks, but I think there is so much more to breast milk than just whether or not it is diseased.

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I can't believe craigslist would actually let people sell that kind of "commodity." And it is even harder for me to believe that people would buy it! On top of the disease factor, you don't know if those mom's are doing drugs or drinking booze, or even eating well for that matter! which all compromises the quality of the milk and its benefits.

If I couldn't breastfeed, I probably wouldn't buy someone else's breastmilk, but if I did, it would have to be from a reputable bank that monitors and screens the donors.

I mean, people are even making and selling ice cream in BM in it... to adults! Weird idea for me to adjust to....

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I would think that is againest the rules of craiglist. Maybe I am wrong.I think it is very irresponsiable of a mother to buy BM offline like that.I mean I am totally ok with milk from a milk bank,but without the safegaurds in place there is no way to prove it is safe.

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I too would never ever buy a strangers milk for my baby. That would freak me out to much...I am gagging just thinking about it! I am in awe that there is a market for not tested breast milk. I wonder if here in Canada people sell/donate milk...I have never heard of that.

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I would never buy breatsmilk from anyone... because how can you ever really know what's actually in it? And even if there was some fool proof way of knowing, it's just kind of creepy to me. Now having an actual nursemaid would be a different situation, because you would know them personally.