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I am thirty four weeks, the same time my sil had my nephew in August!

And even more important, Mélodie is three!!! The memories of her birth are flooding back making me cry Smile

we had a princess party on Sunday complete with a castle bouncy trampoline, a visit from Snow White and a dragon! They decorated cupcakes, wore fairy wings and made purses.

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34 weeks sort of hit me, too - My Mum was born at 34 weeks.

What a fun Mom you are!

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Im a pregant and lazy mom Smile We had it at one of the stores I sell my hair accessoiries at. I traded stock for the party. Id do it again in a heart beat... no preparing, no planning and best of all, no cleaning up!!!

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Did you pick out a name for this LO yet? I saw someone's name on TV the other day- Nathalie- and it reminded me of you because of the French spelling. I do love that name.

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I've chosen Maya Émilie. Dh won't commit but I think he'll go with it!

Nathalie is the name of dh's cousin (one of 67 FIRST cousins) and since she grew up next door we can't go with it. Toobad because IRS a great name! His famy is so huge it's hard not to reuse names, but so far no Mayas !

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How fun I love bday parties Smile she must of had lots of fun! I really love that name so pretty Smile

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Yay! Happy birthday Melodie!!

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Happy belated birthday to your daughter...3 is such a cute age. Who I am kidding I think all ages are cute. I like the name you have chosen - hope DH comes around.