Todays milestone

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Todays milestone

I wanted to put this as my status, but then realized it was too long and complicated. Here goes.
Q has been in the stroller all day and i like him to have some "free" time (ie naked). After we got home, he was sitting on my lap sort of just sitting on a diaper, but it wasn't on....
then I hear a big one! worried about spillage I lay him quickly on the ground to grab wipes and clean up. Of course there are no wipes at the changing area, so I had to run to the basement....
I was so surprised to see him crawling on all 4s when I got back! I mean he has really been trying for maybe two weeks or so, dragging and pulling himself everywhere, but he couldn't quite get up. Now he is up, I have a real crawler! :help1:
Where did my baby go???

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OMG!!!! Wow way to go Q! Aaaaagh now you've got to babyproof!!!

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Wow, amazing! My first baby crawled at 6 months but I hope Niva stays put for a while yet. I am not looking forward to having to clean up the boys' legos that are always all over the floor!

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I can't believe we are starting that stage. My DD didn't crawl til she was 10.5 months. Crazy. My DS started at 6 months, and I'm anticipating his brother will be just like him.

I too will not look forward to cleaning up all the tiny toys!

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OMG that's amazing!! I can't even think about Trystan crawling right now... he's still my little man and I don't want him to do that!!

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Wowza! Good growing, Q! That is so impressive. Biggrin We aren't anywhere near crawling (thank goodness!)

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I currently have a pack n play set up for Q and a big wooden play pen for the big kids toys. I prefer to just let him crawl on the floor, but I get scared if I am not there to watch, he will find a tiny playmobil flower or something and stick it in his mouth.