Told the family

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Told the family

Well we spent the weekend with the family and decided it was time to tell them. We were going to wait til the 12 week scan, but I couldn't wait any longer - it was stressing me out BIG time!

It went surprisingly well Biggrin
Of course mum and dad were disappointed at first and were concerned with my uni work, but they are over the moon. They were really reassuring about the age gap of DS and #2 and that we are very capable parents. It's what i needed to hear Smile

Lloyd's mum is so excited, but we haven't told his dad yet. We aren't on speaking terms with him so he will find out down the line.

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so happy everything went well

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YAY for it going well! I know both of our families will be excited. My sister and I are 22 months apart so my mom will think 23 months is great spacing b/c she always enjoyed having us close. And DH's parents just love babies. But we're still waiting a bit Smile

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YEA! It is always nice when things go well. HUGS! Smile