Took a hard fall, ended up at the hospital... fun!

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Took a hard fall, ended up at the hospital... fun!

Ugh, as if I don't have enough going on with moving this weekend, and trying to get my house packed up... I had to take a huge fall to the ground, partially on my back, and on my right side. The people who bought our house were supposed to be coming last night for their last walk-through, so I decided to take down the kids window coverings, and moved their laundry basket, then forgot I had moved it, and fell over backwards on my back/side. Oh my word, did it ever hurt! Dh was at work, and then had an appt. at 6pm, so it was just me and the kiddies. I had to get dd to get my cell phone so I could call him. I paged my midwife, as I was cramping and really sore. She told me to head into the hospital to be monitored, so I had to get my SIL to pick me and the kids up, and drop me off at the hospital, and watch my kids until dh could come pick me up. Hooked me up to the monitors, my pulse was really high, but baby was completely fine, moving around happily... today I am so ridiculously sore, I can hardly move. I had a bit of bleeding this morning, but nothing major. Just supposed to be taking it easy. Thankfully, my MIL just phoned me and said she's coming down tomorrow morning until Friday night to help with cleaning and getting everything ready at the new house. Phew!
Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know. So far no baby, but midwife is guessing within the next week. The end is in sight! Smile

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Julie, you need to live in a plastic bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Please please please take it easy as much as you can!!!

Good luck with the move Smile

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Oh no! Eeek,you poor thing. Please find a way to really take it easy for a cpl days, really. The buyers didn't end up doing the walk-thru?

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I'm so sorry you took a spill! I took one myself two months ago, but thankfully I landed on my hands and knees! I'm glad everything is OK with you and baby though, and I hope you feel better soon!