Trinity's birth story

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Trinity's birth story

Hi all! Here I am, finally typing up Trinity's birth story.
It was uneventful.
Went to bed and finally got to sleep at midnight, and then ten minutes later my friend called my cell phone. He must have been on the thruway and driving past my city...and thought "I should call Anne". So I got like 3.5 hours of sleep. Got up at 4 or so, showered and got ready to leave. We dropped Jack off at my sister in law's house at 5:45. We needed to be at the hospital by 6, and it was 30 minutes away. Thanks hubby for being slow!

We get to the hospital, and I was their only patient scheduled for that day. Do all the normal stuff, get prepped, the nurse that helped deliver Jack ended up being our nurse again (she knew we were coming in, we have a mutual friend, and made sure she was working that day).
I get down to the OR and the spinal was as AWFUL as I had feared. I cried during it--I felt the needles go in, but it wasn't a painful feeling, it was super uncomfortable. I just wanted my husband there holding me, but he couldn't do that.

Dr. Desai and his wife, Dr. Guistra were there and ready to go, he started touching my belly and I was like "I can feel that". He assured me I wouldn't feel pain, but I would feel the pressure and touching. I told him that he had better be right because I would be mad if I felt pain. They got my belly cut open and Trinity's head out and she started screaming before they even suctioned her. Then they said "its a girl! and she has brown hair!" I was like I wanna see her! They held her over the drape, and I couldn't see too well because I forgot to get my glasses back. She was fully born at 7:58 a.m. and got snuggled by her daddy the entire time I was in recovery. I don't know what her apgars were, but she was fine. She was 20 inches long and 7 lbs 10 oz. 9 oz heavier than her brother, but almost 2 inches shorter. Born with a full head of brown hair. surprising because I am a blondie, dh was blonde as a kid, and my son is a tow-head with platinum blonde hair.

While they were stiching me up we had a delightful conversation about Thanksgiving and holidays and whatnot. I got to recovery and slept. Once I was okay to go back to maternity, I got to nurse Trinity, they hadn't even fully bathed her. She took right to the breast and is doing well with that.

Her original name was Trinity Margaret Smyth Stacy, but my MIL threw a stink and whined that we didn't give her any names from HER family. So we talked about it, and changed it to Trinity Helen Margaret Stacy. Helen is my mil's middle name, and her Mom's name, as well as my granny's name and my aunt's name. Margaret is after my mom's aunt Margaret who was my favorite of that family. Smile She never had children of her own and was really funny.

I ended up vomiting three times once I got back to my room. I finally figured it out that it was the morphine in the pain pump they gave me. I promptly stopped taking that, because the first and second times I got sick, I was holding Trinity. Thank goodness Jack was quick with the basin so I didn't puke on her. I did get sick in front of my dad and sister though.

We've been doing really well. Jack has taken nicely to her, and she's doing REALLY well with nursing. She gained a full pound in a week from her first appointment to her second pedi appointment. Jack's got a cold right now, so we're bummed about that.

All right, I hear noises from upstairs, I think the natives are restless. Dirol

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sounds like it went well (well minus the lack of sleep and puking!). Trinity sounds perfect! I can't decide if Rory's fuzz is darker than Evan's. Evan is a little tow head too but I have brown hair so we'll see!

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i hope you're healing well! sorry about the spinal but thank goodness you didn't feel anything! Smile

both my kids seem to be sniffling. it's so sad when a newborn is all mucusy!

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Thanks for sharing. Sorry you got sick after delivery. I did too and it was no fun. It was nice of you to change her name to make your MIL happy.

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Congrats on your darling daughter! And good job with the bfeeding - that is an awesome weight gain!

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Glad the section was uneventful & that you weren't feeling pain. Too bad you were sick though way to play catcher, DH! It's great Trinity is a good nurser & putting on weight so quick too.

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Thanks ladies!
I have to admit I was annoyed at MIL. I love her but sometimes she can be annoying. She's been telling the kids that if any of them name a child for her (her full name) she will pay them $10k. I'd never name my kid Dorothy Helen. Sorry. You had 8 kids, maybe you should have named one of them after you? What REALLY bugged me was that she whined about it on facebook a few times. Oh well.

And yeah, I'm thankful That the spinal took...i just hated every second of getting it done. Beee

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ew, BECAUSE she complained about it on facebook i would have definitely NOT given her MIL's name. you are a much nicer person than i am!!!

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Seriously! But Helen also was my granny's name, and my Aunt's name, so we are good. Dh told her he expects a check for at least $2500 for her middle name. MIL said she never said she'd pay for a kid to be named after her...but at least 3 or 4 of the kids have heard it come from her! Beee

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Great birth story, and I absolutely love her name!!