Trip to L&D....

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Trip to L&D....

Had a nice little visit to L&D this morning... woke up around 7 suddenly with severe back pain.. at first thought it could just be from my kidney stones, but then the pain moved to the belly, and I started having cramping and contractions... I just felt "weird"... my primary midwife is on her honeymoon in Greece right now, so I paged my secondary. After 25mins she didn't call me back, so I called the office, and another midwife called me back. She then called my third midwife, and she told me to head to the hospital to be assessed. Had a NST, and baby was VERY active... ran a few more tests and then I went home. I still feel weird, very uncomfortable, and tired... not sure what exactly it was, but baby is fine, so that's great!
I'm supposed to take it easy the next few days, and see how the weekend goes. My third midwife was suprised at everything that has gone on this pregnancy (placenta previa (resolved now), low amniotic fluid (normal now), kidney stones, low blood platelet count-went from 240 to 116, back to 230)... they better not put me on bed rest!
Thanks for listening.

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Glad everything seems to be OK Julie! You certainly have had enough to deal with so far! Hope your weekend is relaxing and you don't have any more pains.

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That is wonderful news about the placenta and amniotic fluid being resoved! Yahoo

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Sheesh! Sorry you've had to deal with all that, but I'm very glad everything checked out okay today. Sounds like you could use some rest Julie, but hopefully you can get that without being put on bedrest orders!

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I'm glad everything is OK! Did the hospital staff take a guess as to what was causing your pain?