trying to stay positive

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trying to stay positive

This has been a rough week for us, we had an appt Monday and we were told that babyA had only grown 3 oz in two weeks and the amount of fluid in baby b's bag had increased and baby a had decreased, they were still at safe levels for a but I was sent for monitoring at l&d and thankfully was able to go home. But we were told that the chances of us having babies in the next month were VERY high. oh and I was having.Contrax that I didn't even feel.luckily they are.not doing anything...I had a follow up ultrasound on Friday and fluid for B had increased and A was still ok, for now. The dvp for a was 4.? And for B wad 13.??. At L&d they mentioned me getting steroids soon, and they are hoping we can make it to 32 weeks and after that its essentially " just gravy."... I am really hoping and.praying that the.fluid levels for A stay at a safe level and..we.can keep.them in til Oct 1 at least, I am having 2 x weekly.l ultrasounds to monitor things as things can.change very fast so its pretty much a day at a time, my next appt is at 29 weeks on tuesday. I am very worried for the complications that come with.being this early....I Am also very uncomfortable, I am assuming due to the amount of fluid in bag, my ribs hurt and its.hard to maneuver around, and not to mention my.back pain..

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What a tough week for you! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and praying your babies stay in there to bake a whole lot longer!

Big hugs!

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So sorry that things are rough for you.."twin buddy" (we are "due" a day apart--as if that due date means anything for twins). That all sounds very stressful and worrisome, but it is good to know that you are getting such great monitoring and care.

Are you on bedrest as well? I know how difficult that can be on top of everything else.

Sending you good energy and prayers for Baby A's fluid to stay at safe levels and for BabyA to gain and grow.

I totally hear you on this back pain, swollen feet and hands, moving around is a total chore, sometimes breathing is difficult depending on where my Baby B happens to be...hang in there. Do the best to take care of yourself and those LO's. You are doing great. (((HUGS)))

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I'm so sorry for what you've been going through. Sending T&P your way, and hoping you can bake those babies for many more weeks to come!

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I am sending lots of prayers your way (((hugs))) Please keep us updated..I really hope these little ones stay in until 32 weeks. Although I will say that LO's born after even 28 weeks did way better in NICU then ones who were born earlier. But every day makes such a difference. Take care and remember we are always here if you need to talk.

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THANKS ladies... we are taking things as they come and trying worry until we have a reason

"Mommy 4 real" wrote:

Are you on bedrest as well? I know how difficult that can be on top of everything else.

I am.not on besrest right now, I am still working but I am taking it easy the rest of.the time..

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I hope that your babies can stay in and bake for at least few more weeks. It must be so hard on you!!! You will be in my thoughts! Hang in there!

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Thinking about you and HUGS!!!

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Big hugs heading your way!

Take it one day, one hour at a time.

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Sending lots of grow babies grow vibes :vibes: for your LO's. Special Baby A vibes too for good fluids and growth :vibes:! Contrax you can't feel right now are not so bad though, are they? Isn't that your body doing braxton hicks practices which are very normal and expected this far along for everyone even singles? Not sure if your doctors told you they think this is a problem, so I'm curious. I'm so glad you're getting lots of scans to check on things. As the PP said, every day every hour counts. Hope you can take it easy. Do you have family near to help you with things?

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i do have family that helps me and a great hubby that has picked up most of the chores, except for cooking as he is clueless..
they werent worried about the contrax i was having during my nst, ALTHOUGH i think isstarted having some in my back last night, wasnt sure at first since they felt differnet frm my son...I had bouts of really bad back pain with a dull ache in front, (it might have been worse, but the back ache was distracting) i had a few last night and one this AM, have two appts tomorrow luckliy...

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I hope everything turns out okay for you and I hope Baby A continues to grow and you will be able to hold both your babies in your arms.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I'm keeping your little family in my thoughts... I wish you smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy and two healthy little guys!

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:bigarmhug: hugs....take it easy hun...